His Princess & Her Jewels

 I am abundantly blessed to be in the place that I am.  I am a single, full-time student and mom to three beautiful blessings. I enjoy learning and doing a little bit of everything.  My main focus is striving to grow and enhance my walk with Christ. I enjoy crafts of various sorts, foods of all kinds, and living a simple life.  You may find me curled up with a book and a hot cup of tea, listening to jazz and looking out over the lake, sitting before my sewing machine relaxing, or out in the garden.  Whatever it is you find me doing, I'm having a blast, I promise!!! 

The jewels in my earthly crown...  My children are the greatest blessing God could have ever trusted me with.  Why He ever trusted me with them, I still don't know, but I am ever so grateful that He did.  They are the comical highlight to my life.  There is never a dull moment and I cherish each one of them.

I love to hear my children laughing together, but most of all when they are singing together it makes me want to cry with pleasure.  God has really gifted me!!!


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