Thankful Thursday

I am most thankful for my Savior who has given me life, provisions, and His Holy Spirit.

I wonder at times where I would be if I hadn't given my life to Christ over 10 years ago.  I was living my life solely for myself, doing my own thing and what I perceived as right.  I was into a lot of worldly thinking and really didn't give to figs about what God thought about anything.

Oh but Salvation...  and if you truly begin to live your life for Him, you will seek His perspective on matters.

GRATEFUL:  Salvation and the blood of Jesus Christ.

PERSONAL GROWTH:  For what will it profit a man if he gains the whole world, and loses his own soul.  Mark 8:36 


Wisdom Wednesday

When people show you who they are, believe them the first time.

Of course we know people can change and it's God who changes each individual, but until such time as that takes place, believe what people show you about them the first time.  

Grateful:  To have had my mother in my life for as long as God allowed.

Personal Growth:  God is all you have & God is all you need!


Tuesday Thoughts - Titles

I'm in this kick of titles.  I'm an organizer, scheduler, type personality.  So I do monthly menus and am about to pass this torch to my girls completely for the next couple of years.  I was trying to think of ways to simplify it for them and what I came up with is Special Sunday, Meatless Monday, Casserole Tuesday, Crockpot Wednesday, Salad Thursday, Fat Friday, Sandwich Saturday.

I will help them in creating lists of recipes we completely enjoy, then we will place them on index cards in their rightful categories for the days of the week.  Then the girls will be able to make up a monthly menu by going thru the box and choosing the meal for each night of the week.  They will be responsible for checking the pantry and freezer at the beginning of each month and making out a grocery list as they create the menu and we will buy groceries accordingly.  I will help them cook up and prepare as many of the meals ahead of time and placing them in the freezer.  Something like once a month cooking.  That will help to eliminate daily cooking for supper.

I'll keep you posted how it goes!!

GRATEFUL:  My daughters are preparing for their households one day!

PERSONAL GROWTH:  She gets up while it is still dark; she provides food for her family and portions for her servant girls.  Proverbs 30:15


Monday Musings - My Weekend

Ever planned your weekend to the T or at least had in mind things you were going to try to accomplish?  I had the entire weekend planned out.  I didn't work Friday because of my Dr. appt. and thought that after doing laundry I would be able to work the rest of the day in the garden and plant some seeds (I know I'm late).  I had Saturday planned for sewing and some of Sunday as well.

Needless to say, I've been sick with the flu the entire weekend.  We got the laundry done, but after that, I was no good to anyone for anything.  My children had to take care of me!!!!

Saturday, I was going to force myself to do something.  I felt some what stronger...I should have resisted the urge to go outside, but it was gorgeous.  I helped my children separate 3 roosters with their own sets of hens.  Too many roosters and they fight each other to the death.
After we got that accomplished I was winded, drained, my fever was up again, dizzy, exhausted.  I laid down and slept for 5 hours.
No sewing was accomplished what so ever.  I looked longingly at my sewing machine and serger and thought of the various projects I wanted to be doing and some future projects, but none were accomplished at that moment.
Sunday I felt a bit better, but felt it best not to push it.  After all, I had to be ready for the work week.

Oh, I did get to do some job searches online Sunday.  I need a part time job from 9-2, M-F or a couple of houses to clean per day that will rake in at least $1200 a month.  God will work it out, of this I am certain.

GRATEFUL:  for children (blessings) from the Lord that help to take care of me when I am down.  I appreciate them more than they know!!!  Thank you my cherubs.

PERSONAL GROWTH:  Be still and know that I am God.  Psalm 46:10


Food, Inc.

If you haven't seen it, you need to find it on video somewhere and watch it.
It most definitely is a must see.
In my time of laying down resting trying to get over the flu, I did a lot of
movie watching to pass the time.  One of the videos I watched was Food, Inc.

There will be many that won't want to watch it because afterwards they will have
to do something about it.  They will have to change what they eat, where they eat,
and what they buy.  It will demand they take some sort of action and many don't
want to give up some of the conveniences that we have here in the US because
what will be required will be a bit of thought and energy, oh and elbow grease, to
do something different.

My gut reaction was I'm on the right track, but I've got to get serious about what I'm
doing and step it up several notches.  Yes, I'm growing some of our food, but I've
got to get serious to where I am growing 60-75% of our food.  Is this possible?
I have chickens and should be acquiring sheep within the next week to month, but I
can't stop there, I've got to increase the flock and acquire goats for our milk as well.
I've got to get as serious about what I put on my table as I do about what we watch and
hear on the tv and radio.  I've got to get as serious about what we eat as I am about our
spiritual growth.

What will you do?

I know what I will be doing...stay tuned and you will see as time goes that we will be
buying, processing, and eating out own food; going to the store for very little.


Need for Speed

This morning my dear sewing friend was putting me to the test.  I was being timed to see just how fast I could cut and sew a pair of pj pants (shorts).  OK, so the thing is I could not use pins to pin my pattern to my fabric...trying to do as the professionals do.  That wasn't so hard.  I used canned veggies and it worked out perfect.  I didn't mind the cutting as much as I usually do.  I hate having to get the pattern ready, then prep the fabric, then pin the pattern to the fabric, THEN cut and on and on it goes.  So cutting took maybe 10 minutes.  Then I headed to the serger and machine.  I made these two pair of pants 99% on the serger and 1% on the sewing machine and that was absolutely fun to me.  I've had the serger for several years and only used it maybe twice because I really didn't know what to do with it or what it could do. . . OH BUT I DO NOW!!! ;-)
So in under an hour I cut, serged, hemmed, all in under an hour and 5 minutes to put the elastic in them.  My nephew is wearing them now as he lays down to take a nap.


Now to make a few pair for my son!!!

GRATEFUL:  For my family who is thrilled with each new step I take towards improving my skills and preparing for my shop.

SCRIPTURE:  I can do ALL things through Christ who gives me strength.  Phil. 4:13


Nephew arriving soon...

God has definitely chosen the birthdate of my nephew.  He will be born sometime today.
We can't wait to see him, but we also wish our mom could meet him too.
Mom would always be the first to hold my sisters babies when they were born...

Ahhhh sweet blessings with the birth of a new babe, mixed with sadness over the death
of our mom...LIFE!!!

ADDENDUM:  Aaron Mark-Anthony
                            4/14/10  3:49 AM
                            6lb 1oz


What a marvelous day

I didn't go to work today...I should have but I didn't.  I know, I know, I just had several days off last week, but I tell you I was so stressed in that short time I needed a break.  So, I got some cleaning done (kids did the majority), organized the cords for the computer and all that good stuff and finished the baby quilt for the crib set I'm making for my sister.
It was a relief to get that quilt done and I've decided to do a much simpler baby quilt next time.  I like the way it turned out though.  I'll work on and finish the bumper pads this weekend.

Some days are harder than others...I want to be home full time that I ache.  I pray for it daily, constantly; hoping I'm not desiring my will over His.  Clarity, I need to hear Him speak clearly His directions for my life.

We thought my sister would have had the newest member of our family today, but that was not God's plan.  It seems that it won't be long though.  Praying for a smooth and quick delivery; this will be the first delivery she has without my mom!!!!

Green Smoothies are back!

Yes, I've started the green smoothies again. I went to the doctor last week and had them run tests for everything. I had been getting dizzy and my feet had started swelling. I figured it was high blood pressure with all the various stress factors in the last 4-6 months.
Well I was in for a shock. I weighed in at 226...I gained all the weight I had lost minus 4 pounds. My blood pressure was 178/112. My other tests came back and my cholesterol levels are high and I'm anemic.

So I've started walking and eating more fruits and veggies.

The doctor gave me meds for the blood pressure and I suspect he'll give me something for the cholesterol on the 19th when I go back. However, I refuse to be on them for very long. And he actually wants me to be able to get off of them as well.

The journey begins for me to lose 61 pounds. I've done it before. I can & will do it again!!!


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