On her way to her Journey

Akyra was all set to board her flight when we heard her being paged. We get to the gate & the lady informs us that the flight has departed. She missed her flight!
She will leave on a later flight :-(
Praying for complete safety!!!!



I had a comment about my post yesterday on Friends/Fellowship.

I wanted to tell her this via email, but was not able to do so...
Then thought, it might be good for others as well.  You never know
who is struggling in various areas with lack of friends as well.

There was a time, not so long ago, when I had friends, but none of them really following Christ.
They were the kind of friends that said all those things that make you feel good, but there was
no meat or substance to it.  You know, the kind that give you the advice "if I were you".
I began to pray for godly friends and then began to be more specific in my prayer.
I prayed that God would send godly women into my life that I could call friends.  They wouldn't
tell me what I "wanted" to hear, but would be honest (brutally honest if necessary).  I wanted
friendships that would stand the test of time.  Friends that would understand and be comfortable
with me not liking what they said and even getting upset with them, but strong enough to stick
around and wait for me to come to my senses if need be.  Friends that would give me advice from
the Word of God and lead me back to it if I went astray.
Iron sharpening Iron....that's what I envisioned a godly friend to be and do.

I didn't want weak friends, but friends strong in their faith and doubly strong in their convictions.

It has taken some time, but as I look back over the last 4 years or so, I can see that God has chiseled out
the perfect friends for me.  I don't always agree with them, may not like what they say or do all the time
either, but they are truly my friends...sisters in Christ and they are REAL!!!!

They have cheered with me when things were good, comforted me when things were bad.  They've prayed for me when I couldn't pray for myself, and lifted me up at my lowest points.  They've rejoiced and praised
right along with me.  Given me words of wisdom and always directed me back to the GOOD BOOK.

YET, each of them is different in various ways.  We constantly throw around the phrase "best friend".  These are the bestest friends (I know that's not a word) I could have ever prayed for and I am so very thankful God chose them to be a part of my life on this journey called life.

Angie, Kelly,Jackie, & Christine, you are the ones I prayed for years ago.  The ones God placed in my life for such a time as this...and many years to come.  I wish I could express just how appreciative I am of you and your friendship.  Dare I say best friend?  That truly would not describe what and who you are to me.  In fact, there really are no words.  Thank you!!!  I love each of you to pieces and you are the best you for me!!!

So for those that are praying for those godly women to be a part of their lives...KEEP PRAYING!!!
He does hear you and when He answers, it will be in a mighty way, yet it will be so subtle you won't even realize it at first.

Thank you Father for each of these dear friends and all the other men and women of God you have placed in my life.  Thank you for their character and especially their love for You.  Thank you for their love for me and my family.  Thank you that You dwell so richly and mightily in their hearts and lives.  Cover them with Your love, grace, mercy, and Your hand.  Keep them far from all hurt, harm, or danger.  What the enemy brings into their lives for bad, turn it around for their good and Your glory.  Shine Your face upon them more and more as they continue to draw closer and closer to you.  They are truly far above rubies and for that I thank You.  In Your Precious Son's Name, AMEN.


Friendship & Fellowship

We have had an awesome time with friends in these last two days.

On Sunday, we went to church (which was awesome) and the girls had a leadership meeting they had to attend.  It is awesome to watch God move and work in their lives.  The meeting was not until that evening at 6:30 and we live about an hour away from the church, so going home and returning later was out of the question.  So a dear friend (Adrian's godfather), invited us over to his place to "hang" out until we needed to be back at the church.  We talked and talked and talked, which is what we usually do whenever we get together.  It was fun!!!  I also cut out strips for the quilt I will be working on soon for a gift.  While the girls were at the meeting, Adrian and I visited some more and by the time we picked up the girls, we were all exhausted.

Yesterday I was talking to one of my dearest friends whom I truly love dearly.  She was telling me about the changes she is trying to make within her family.  So they will begin having green smoothies for breakfast this morning.  She couldn't get over the fact that it actually has stuff in it like lettuce, spinach, or even avocado.  I was sharing with her how delicious they are and how much it changed our household and the benefits from drinking them as well.  She was most impressed.  I wished I could go make her at least one so she could get a taste for them and see that the sight is NOTHING like the taste at all.  As we talked further and she sounded more and more unsure of them, I said it again...I really wish I could do the first one for you.  She said you can.
I headed on home, picked up the children and headed to her place.  I made the green smoothies and the girls made the rolls the
Duggars shared with her, Kelly made the taco soup.  The smoothies were a hit!!!  Her children (she has 11 amazing children) were all looking like I had grown another head with this concoction I had made, but they willingly tasted.  One of the girls was not very quick in trying it, but the thing was everyone had to try it.  SHE LOVED IT!!!!  The thing is, with all the fruits, you never taste the green stuff you add.  My other dearest friend has started a green smoothie challenge.  I'm hoping to get back to this soon!!!

We then sat and fellowshipped while enjoying the taco soup and homemade rolls.  Can you say delicious?!  Well it was very satisfying to my tummy! LOL

We had so much dough from the dinner rolls that we used some of it to prep cinnamon rolls for their breakfast this morning, but she surprised us by sending the pan home with us.  It was truly a surprise to me, as she told the girls not to show me until after we had driven down the road a bit...knowing I would not then turn around and take them back at that point.  They followed directions perfectly and as I said, I was pleasantly surprised.

When God places godly friends in your life, don't take them for granted, but love on them and enjoy the times you get to share with them.  This has truly been a highlight in my life and walk with Christ.  When you walk away from the world, God has so much he wants to give you in place of those things from the world.  Friends are one of them!!!  I am so thankful and grateful for them and I love them like family.  

Give Aways!!!

I love free stuff!!  Especially if it is stuff that will build my relationship with Christ or my children's relationship with Christ...after all, these are the MOST important things in life.

Check out At the Well for ways to participate in her drawing of Vision Forum CD's and then check out
Joyfully Living For His Glory for another drawing with a different set of CD's from Vision Forum.

I have to tell you we are becoming HUGE fans of Vision Forum.  Most of my sons Christmas items will come from them this year!

Be blessed and I pray I win, or you, or someone.  Whoever it is will be blessed for sure!


Thankful Thursday

This week I am most thankful for my children.  No matter what our circumstances are, they hang in there right along with me.  They've been through some hardships and though they have expressed their dislike for things they've had to deal with, they have not grumbled or complained about it one bit. 
Though our home is not the best and there are still many things we need to do to get it to a decent living standard, they are most thankful to have a roof over our heads.  They don't complain when money is tight and we are having to stretch meals with LOTS of beans or they have to forgo some of the "necessities" of life.  For the most part, you find them with cheerful hearts and smiles that light up a room.

Thank you sweet Jesus for blessings beyond this world.  I've always thanked You for allowing me to be their mother, but in all honesty, thank You for allowing them to be my children and to daily show me who You are
through them.


Memorizing Scripture

Can you say hard?

Since Ari has returned from "Journey", she has been leading our family devotion time and teaching us all to memorize scripture.  

I have wanted to be able to memorize scripture for my entire time as a Christian.
In the beginning it was for selfish reasons...I wanted to be able to quote scripture back to folks to look good in their eyes.  

Yet as I've continued on this journey, I've wanted to learn for several reasons.  Those times the enemy is attacking and you need to fight back but only the Word will defeat him.  Those times when someone needs to hear a Word of encouragement to lift them up.  And for preparation for the time when we may very well be persecuted for reading the Word, I want to have it so ingrained/etched upon my heart that I can recall His Word at any given moment.

I have to tell you this has NOT been the easiest thing for me in the least, but Ari is so good at encouraging all of us to keep trying.  She and the other girls learned Colossians 3:1-11 on their 8 hour trip from Chicago to Michigan.  Talk about impressed! 
I can't tell you how excited I am to hear my children quote the verses they have learned and to know that they are enjoying it. 

Hmmmmmmmmm, I think if I "think" on these things, as well as Christ, when the enemy is attacking me, it may do me good. 

I am a blessed woman and a blessed momma!!!!

Worship...Tis So Sweet!!!

I just wanted to share a few songs that God is using to minister to me and I to Him right now.
The artist is Kari Jobe.  She came to our church a couple of Sundays ago to worship with us.  It was amazing and the presence of the Holy Spirit was so sweet.

I pray the words will be a healing balm to you.


The More I Seek You

My Beloved

You Are For Me

I must say, if you can, go purchase her awesome CD.

Please be in prayer

Tragedy has struck our church family.

We learned yesterday that one of the members of the Youth Praise Team passed away.  We don't know full details, he was running at a track, passed out and was rushed to the hospital where he was pronounced dead.
Please keep his family in your prayers.  His name was Donnie Wade.
My girls have sung with him while being part of the praise team and they are in shock.


Seeking God

I'm empty.  
Drained and going through the motions.  As much as I know about God, as much as I love Christ, I still feel empty.
I want more and yet, I feel dry.  I want to feel the fire/power/presence of the Holy Spirit in and upon my life.

I don't want a mediocre walk with Christ and that is exactly what I feel at this point.

I open my Bible and I look at the pages, nothing stirs me.  

Where is my passion, my zeal, my hunger?  

I know we are not to envy or covet, but have you ever looked at a persons walk with the Lord and wanted
that same drive they have for the Lord?  I know we all go through different things that drive us to the Lord
and I don't necessarily want to go through what they've been through.  I do, however, want to know God so 
passionately that it's written & etched all over my heart and face.  

Lord, I want You.  I want to know You.  I want every fiber of my being to want you passionately and be on fire
for you.  I want to be so thirsty for you that it is quenched by nothing else but you.

The more my heart cries out for that, the more fear comes upon me.  I've always had this fear that the more I 
seek after God or want Him, the more opportunity for bad things to come in my life or lives of those I love so that
God can then use that to draw me closer to Him.
I do know that God can and does sometimes use the hardships in our lives to draw us closer to Him, but 
I'm always afraid that the more I seek Him the more disaster in my life.

I know this may sound crazy to many, I know this is a lie from the enemy.  I know that God is love!
I want to  have that child like faith that believes and trust in God and His goodness, not think of Him as some big
bad wolf waiting around the bend to make my life a living hell.
I KNOW this sounds crazy.  Why would a loving God cause or allow bad things to happen just so He can draw one
closer to Him?  And yet again, as crazy as this sounds and with all that God has done for me and all that He has 
been to me and for me, you would think it foolish for me to believe this lie.  

I want to be free from this lie.  I want to be free from the enemy.  


Family Camp 2009

Well, we didn't actually attend the full 7 days but did get to go for the day. It was amazingly fun. The message spoken was phenomonal & the activities we got to participate in were really fun.
We met two exceptional families, the Duggars & the Bates. Talking with each family & spending the day with them was great fun also. I do hope to be able to glean more from them regarding their walk with Christ. We didn't get to visit with Michelle Duggar long as she soon flew out to be with son & daughter-in-law for the birth of their first child.
We also met up with some friends that live in & around where we live...that was nice as well.
We hope to attend for the full week next year as part of our family vacation...which the area is only an hour away from our home! I'm also hoping our dear friends in Houston will be able to join us for that week or at least a few days of that week. I think they would enjoy it as well.

To God...

be All the glory. Ari left going to Journey to the Heart on the 19th of Sept. & returned on the 29th. I have witnessed a change in her heart that only can come from God. She has a softness about her, a sense of deeper love for Christ & a forgiveness in her heart that is beyond words. I am so thankful to God for the family that sponsored her to go. I'm also blessed to announce that this lovely family has now sponsored Akyra to attend JTH at the end of this month!!!!!! God is good. I'll keep you posted on her journey.


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