His Amazing Love & Provision

How does one trust that God will do what He said He will do?

Believe and Have Faith!!!

I know that sounds so simple, but seriously that's all it boils down to.  I have my moments where my faith is shaky.  I have my moments of doubting.  I am now on the ride of my life of absolute and total faith.  I'm working a job that now pays even less than half of what I once made, I'll be opening my Etsy shop soon and selling handmade baby items and I'm on the hunt for several homes to clean so that I can at least pay the bills.
I'm not worried about things, I am prayerful.  I am learning how to trust my God to supply all our needs just as He promised.  Though these are my plans, I'm flexible enough now to change them or have them be changed however or whenever God so chooses.

Well, today was a day of that provision.  I have now gained one client to clean her home every other week.  Does that put a dent in the income needs?  No, but it is definitely a start.

We do often fret over the things that need to be done and taken care of.  We often say God will provide.  But we are most often trying to figure things out on our own.  Yes, I am guilty.  I get out my pen and paper, writing down lists of what ifs, and more often than not, none of my plans materialize and I have to resort to praying and asking God to provide anyway.  So I'm maturing spiritually though I've been a Christian for over 10 years.  I'm just getting to the point that I can honestly say I trust God completely.  I've had my moments of trusting Him but never as completely as I am in this stage of the game.

I will admit that my need to know is lessening more and more.  The more I'm just living a simple life and learning to truly live one day at a time (moment by moment), the more I really don't need to know everything.  I don't need to know what God is going to do nor how He's going to do it.  My provision will be totally different from your provision.  Yet what doesn't change is that God is still the provider.

As I was on the bus today, I thought about the acronym I've seen before... K I S S; Keep it Simple Stupid.  If we would do just that and keep life as simple as possible, slow things down a bit, not be in everyone's business, not have the need to know everything going on in the world and around us, not have the need for something to be going on at every moment, and just let God be God and deal with the major and the minor things in our lives, we really could just be like the Israelites in the wilderness and trust God to provide all our needs.


44 Days and 27 Blog Posts

That's how many days and blog posts I have until I launch my Etsy shop.  I will launch on my Mother's Birthday, October 8th in honor of her.  I will also have a give away of an item that I'm going to list on my Etsy shop after I hit blog post 250!!!

I'm excited and hope you'll keep watching and anticipating both the shop and the giveaway.


I'm like the Israelites...

Late last night I shared some information regarding a job with a friend.  Early this morning he replied and asked how we were.  He's been without a job for a long time and his statement was; I'm Trying to survive... It's day to day literally.

I laid my head back down and then a thought came to me.  The Israelites had to depend on the Lord day to day as well.  He wants nothing different from us as well.

My comment to him was, "Yes, but that's exactly how He wants us to live.  Day to day...remember the Israelites couldn't gaterh manna for the next day.  They were only to collect what they wuld need for that day!!!  Day by day, trusting and walking with Him.

In Exodus chapter 16, we read that the Israelites began to grumble and complain about not having meat and bread to eat.  They had those things in Egypt and were literally looking back to what they had and not at what was in front of them.

Read all of Chapter 16, but pay close attention to verses 4-5, 17-20.  They were instructed to gather only that which they needed for that days meals and nothing more. They could only gather twice as much on the day before the Sabbath because they would have nothing to gather on the Sabbath.  However, they disobeyed and gathered more than what they needed trying to save it for the next day.  You know JUST IN CASE GOD DIDN'T PROVIDE FOR THE NEXT DAY.

Well, I am just like them and so are you.  We only need to ask God for our "daily bread" and that's exactly what He gives us.  We don't need to worry about tomorrow, it has it's own worries and He's just that kind of God that he'll provide for tomorrow when it gets here and not a moment sooner.

I have this job making far less than what I was making just a few weeks ago.  I'm going to have to supplement by sewing and cleaning houses, but I only need to be concerned with today and trust Him to provide our needs for today and as for tomorrow, I'll just ask Him to provide what we need on tomorrow.

I will not worry or fret, He was the God of the Israelites and He provided for them, He's my God as well and He'll provide for me as well.  Knowing this gives me great peace to be able to hand this problem over to Him while I rest in the palm of His hand!!!


Head Coverings

One of my dear sweet friends opened her etsy shop a few weeks back.  Lovely Coverings has some beautiful head coverings.  I myself am planning to purchase a few and use them as prayer veils during my own personal devotional time.

So hop on over and check out Diane's shop.  Hope you find something you like or at least a gift for someone you know.  

12:43 PM God Gave YOU to Me!!!

As I've been reflecting over the last 17 years of my life, I can't help but think about yours too.  17 years ago God gave you to me.  I was blessed doubly with a second baby girl.  I was amazed and yet nervous, how could I raise not one, but two little girls.
You are the apple of my eye, the pep in my step.  I am ever so intrigued by you.
You are original in all you do and I love to see how God is shaping your life.
You are more like me than you know and to watch you now become the nurturer God intended, it is breathtaking.  You love life and you love others beyond yourself.
Your laughter is contagious and your smile is stunning.  You are my baby girl no matter how old you get.
My heart ached when the doctor told me you would have to be born via c-section.  I was so afraid and feared that something would happen to you.  Then you were brought forth and I heard you cry...my heart stopped beating as I waited impatiently to see you for the first time.  They wouldn't let your dad in with me and I couldn't see what they were doing to you.  I remember hearing the nurse say, she's a mean little one and she doesn't like what we are doing at all!  Then, they brought you to where I could see you and kiss you.  You had a frown on your face, ;-) you still make that face whenever you first wake up.
You were the total opposite of your sister.  You were quiet and I rarely knew when you woke up, as you would just lay there frowning.  Your sister would come running and tell me you were awake!  Then when we tried to teach your sister to say your name, she couldn't.  She made up her own name for you...Kooka.  It stuck and you have been our Kooka ever since.
You've heard the story time and time again, but one of our favorite stories is of you sitting in the hallway in your swing.  I would cook and clean the kitchen with you sitting there.  You were so quiet, I was afraid that I wouldn't hear you and you would get hurt.  So in the swing you would go, only to have your sister come barreling down the hall and push you in your swing and run back into the living room laughing.  Your swing would go as high as it could go and your eyes would be wide with fear.  I felt so sorry for you and would give up cleaning just so I could hold you and assure you that I would keep you safe. Of course we laugh now, but man that was a scary moment for me...and she did it every day, even after she would get a spanking.  Well, she continued until your daddy spanked her.
Precious is what you are and it's what my brother called you.  He said you were like a fine china doll and you were his precious.  You stayed close to him even as his last days on earth overtook him.  You would sit quietly with him and he would talk with you ever so sweetly.  You'd even cry for him.
I pray I've taught you well and that God will give me wisdom to teach you things I've left out.  Remember, there is no greater love than God's love.  You ARE a rare jewel.
You are still precious and I am blessed to call you my daughter.  I love you with all my heart.  I'm trusting God to continue leading you to be the young woman He has created you to be.  Continue following Him, He will never lead you wrong.  Happy Birthday sweet girl, I love you!!!!



I began a sourdough starter a few weeks ago and after getting several jars of it put away in the fridge, I finally got brave enough to try and do something with it.  I attempted to make a loaf of sourdough bread, but it was a flop.  I forgot to set the timer on it and so the oven turned off after only about 30 minutes and I had gotten busy and didn't hear the oven beeping.  When I finally thought about the bread, it was the next afternoon.  I took the bread pan out and the top had caved in, upon taking the bread out of the pan, it was gooey and doughy.  I will attempt to make a couple of loaves tomorrow.
I did make sourdough pancakes.  The first time, I didn't let the starter get very sour and the pancakes were really good.  The second time, I let the hooch develop (it's what gives the sourdough it's sour flavor).  Those pancakes were a hit!!!!  My children ate them up and my son ate the left overs for lunch.  They were full of flavor and the texture was just simply smooth and amazing.  YUM!!!  The were truly delicious.
Needless to say, we will have those more often.
I have yet to try the sourdough tortillas.  I may be trying those in a few days though.  I'll keep you posted.


"Spring" cleaning....Check!

My first full week after leaving my job and it has been a productive week.  We usually do a thorough cleaning of the house in the spring time.  However, working at UT and enduring that drive, prevented me from really being able to do much in my home and with my children.
Each day of the week we did a different room and cleaned, decluttered, and reorganized it.  Monday we did the living room/sewing room/computer room.
     Tuesday we did the bedroom
      Wednesday we did the laundry room/hallway
      Thursday we did the sheds and yard
      Friday we did the kitchen
Now today I was supposed to do my recipe books and menus, but alas, I have yet to do them.  I'm feeling overwhelmed just thinking about it.  I have tons and tons of recipes and cook books, but I'm determined to narrow it down to only the things that we actually cook.  I'm sick of the clutter.  I love cook books, but I have several that I have never cracked open except for when I bought them.  It's time for them to go and for me to downsize.  They are taking up too much room.

So, with that said, I've had a busy, busy week, but it has been productive.  I've enjoyed every minute of it.  I miss working alongside my children to make our house a home.

Family...it's what makes life great!


Somethings wrong with my toy!

Last year I treated myself to a gift I had been wanting for a long, long time.  Actually, we don't exchange Christmas gifts in December, that's Jesus' time.  We exchange gifts in February or March...depends on income tax.
So last year I told the children not to worry about getting me a gift, I knew what I wanted and I'd get it.  It was/is my MacBook.
Well, the cd/dvd drive has stopped working.  It is unable to read the discs but you can hear it trying really hard.  My poor laptop sounds so sick making that funny noise.  I can see signs of where it has been dropped (I'll have to go back to no one touching it but me).
Getting an Apple product repaired can be pretty costly.  I had forgotten that I purchased the Apple Care Protection Plan.  I called today to just get an estimate of the cost for them to just look at it and give me a diagnosis.  I gave the lady my information and she said, to bring it in is free, for us to look at it is free, for a diagnosis is free, and your repair will most likely be free as well.  Normally the only thing this plan does NOT cover is the screen...which is actually glass and to have it repaired is just about as much as it is to buy a new one!!!!!
Well, I totally love Apple products...you can't just walk in with your product, you have to make an appointment to take it in and have a one on one with one of the Geniuses at the Genius Bar.  I'm so stinkin' excited, I get to go to the Apple Store!!!!  I thoroughly enjoy going to the Apple Store, but I'm careful not to go unless I have to.  If I go and I don't need to be there, I begin to drool!!!!  Their products are top notch if you ask me.  Maybe others don't think so, but I've been a fan for well over 16 years and the quality of their products is like none other.

I'll tell you what happens Friday.  Hopefully I won't be separated from my favorite toy for very long.


Totally Amazed

Our Lord's Day was a totally awesome day.  It was simplistic and yet perfect all at the same time.  Church was right on point as Voddie Baucham preached a message on Joseph that had us all looking at that story in an entirely different way  No longer will I picture myself as Joseph again but as Judah.
Then we had dinner at my brother-in-loves grandmother's home.  Delicious!  And she made an apple pie especially for Ari's birthday.
We followed all of that up with a family birthday gathering for Ari at my sister's home, which also included my 80 yr old aunt.  We also started a new tradition....sharing words of adoration for the birthday person.  It was a sweet, blessed time to share what we love and like so much about Ari.  There were tears of joy, but so much laughter as well.
I love my family and appreciate them.  I'm grateful to the Lord for placing me in this family.  I didn't always feel that way, but I've matured some and I know God didn't make a mistake.

Praise Be To God for a most glorious day in the Lord.


On this day at 6:47 AM....God brought forth a bundle of blessing!!!!


It's hard to believe that on this date 18 years ago, I was giving birth to my eldest daughter.  WoW!

My how time flies.  Where did my little baby go?  Those chubby cheeks and curly hair.  That grin that
made me laugh and those big eyes that opened wide in surprise when I came around the corner and 
would find her standing happily in her crib?

I'll never forget not knowing that I was in labor and being on the phone with my mom who lived in Illinois
at the time.  I told her my stomach hurt and I thought I had gas.  I couldn't figure out what I ate!!!
I sat there on the couch on the phone with her for well over 3 hours and she'd say "well just tell me when
your stomach gets tight again and when it eases up".  
Silly me, I had no clue.  I told her this for well over an hour and she just kept talking as though nothing
happened.  Told me to get a glass of water and see if that helped and then to try a tums.  Neither helped
and yet all along she was timing my contractions.  
I remember telling her I needed to get off the phone because my husband was walking in from work and 
she wanted to "say hi".  She calmly told him, drop everything, call a cab, get her bags and get her to the 
hospital, she has no clue that her contractions are 3 min. apart.  

I didn't either! It's funny now!!!!

Then I got scared, but still you weren't born until August 1st after 6 in the morning.  You weighed 7 pounds even, had a head full of hair and you were a calm, gentle baby.

7 days later you met your aunt and great aunt for the first time and you sat in your seat contentedly watching Sesame Street and eating PANCAKES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Now you stand before me and I am in awe.  Awe at this blessing God trusted to me.  Have I taught you what I was supposed to, is there still time for those things I've missed?  Who is this young lady that I see?  I'm amazed at who you have become.  I'm inspired by your love for Christ.  I'm grateful that you are mine.  At times I am totally speechless.  You look like me!  And you're proud of that!!!!  I love it.  

Today, 18 years ago, I celebrated your birth.  Today, 18 years later, I celebrate your life!  

I pray that you will continue to seek God and chase after Him, leaving all else by the wayside.  I admire who you are becoming and who you are.  You are precious, far above rubies, and He gave you to me...even if for a short time!

I love you with all my heart, 


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