God speaks in profound ways

In light of my marital situation, I had no desire to pray for my husband or even call him my husband for that matter. But I read in a magazine about a homeschool family that puts everyones name in a cup and they draw names and pray for that particular person throughout the day. Well, I got the bright idea that we should give it a try. And we did.

Mind you I had just previously told the Lord I couldn't pray for J any longer. If he wanted to walk away then so be it.

To my amazement, I picked his name 6 days out of the first 7. I grudginly prayed for him each day asking for all the things I wanted to see changed in his life. Finally I asked the Lord to give me the words to pray for J, otherwise my prayers would continue to be selfish ones. The Holy Spirit gave me one word "SURRENDER". At once I felt peace envelope me. I prayed for J's complete surrender of everything and then I prayed it for me as well. I know divorce is not God's will, but he did give us all free will.

So I will continue to pray that the both of us surrender to God's perfect will for our lives and our family. Should we choose to follow our own free will, I know that God will see us through.

By the way, since I prayed on that particular day for that specific thing, I have not gotten his name again. Hmmmmm, could it be that the Lord set it up for me to get his name until I did finally pray for him the way HE wanted me to? With God there are no coincidences and nothing just happens, so let's just say it was His will.

Cobbler, Cobbler, mmmmmm so sweet!

We did it! We made a blueberry cobbler and raspberry cobbler. They were both a hit. We had a piece of both just to test them out. Well we had bigger than test pieces of the blueberry cobbler. Tonight we will devour the raspberry cobbler.

I took it out of the oven and let it set for a short bit, PrincessAD put it in bowls and placed a heap of ice cream on each slice. You know when it's all hot and steamy the ice cream just melts all over it.

And then we all took our first bite. Delicious!!

We could not be very vocal because we were also trying to watch a movie. But let's just say when the children woke up this morning they all asked if they could have a piece for breakfast.

Of course I had to be mommy and dash their hopes with a resounding NO. That didn't stop them, they asked for a piece at lunch time too.

So needless to say, the cobbler was a hit!!!


God hears our every prayer

I'm searching for a job and have had no current Pampered Chef parties. Funds are non-existent right now and my gas hand was on E. I was unclear what I was gonna do for gas the rest of this week, let alone for that day.

I had a class to be to yesterday and was already riding on fumes, a wing and a prayer.

I decided to check the mail when we got home and there sat an envelope with an unfamiliar name on it. I don't know anyone in NY so who could be sending me something? I had no clue and was too anxious to wait until I got home. I ripped it open while trying to drive. Out fall 2 money orders for $20 each.

Then I read the note enclosed. A year and a half before I was a part of a couple of tubal reversal groups in hopes of getting my tubes untied and praying for more blessings in the way of children.

This particular group closed and for some reason had not used my donations to fund anyones reversal. The group owner sent them back to me in hopes that I could use them. I of course had completely forgotten about it, seriously thinking my donations had helped to make someone whole in body.

I immediately called the 2 places I purchased the money orders from. The post office said bring it back in and they would give me my money back. The other company will charge me a $4 fee, but will send the remainder back to me shortly. I already put the first $20 in my gas tank and have gas to get to and fro for the next week.

God is so good and faithful to answer our every need. He hears our every prayer, we just have to hurry up and wait for his answers. I'm the first to admit it's not always easy.


Look out kitchen, here we come...

Well, they aren't fresh from the berry patch, but they will do.

The children and I went to walmart and bought frozen blueberries and raspberries. We're gonna make cobbler!!!

We were all so impressed with C's cobbler Sun. afternoon that we must make one for ourselves.

MMMMM I can taste it already.

I'm also going to attempt to bake bread. I've not made bread in a long time and with the price of bread going up, I think this is a perfect time to get back into it.

The children miss my homemade bread. I didn't realize just how much they looked forward to it until I saw the price and said no way am I paying that, I'm making it from now on. Then you hear all the joy in their voices as they jumped with excitement.

Since today has been such a busy hectic day, we will tackle the baking tomorrow.

Until then...


Fellowship! Food! Fun!

Our dear friend C invited us over for lunch after church with her family. I can't tell you how much I look forward to going to her home and being with her family. I think I enjoy it even more than my children.

She had planned for us to have black bean soup, but her crock pot was on the blink. I was looking forward to it, as I've never had it before. However, she fixed taco soup and I took a huge salad with tomatoes fresh from my garden. She also made corn fritters, which I love, and mmmmm a blueberry cobbler. The soup was a hit with me and my children and they are eagerly waiting for me to add it to our menus. Everyone was full from the meal, as there were no seconds to spare. When it was time for cobbler topped with vanilla ice cream, that was a different story all together. EVERYONE wanted seconds, but only us mommy's got to pig out and have more. Sounds selfish huh? Sometimes we deserve to pamper ourselves once in a while. Be it a special purchase for just us, or extra blueberry cobbler.

It's always good for my spirit to be with her and her family. I am able to let go of the cares of my world and just be absorbed in her world. I don't think she realizes how much I need that, but her home has tranquility and peace and at this point and time in my life, I am needing it more and more.

Anyway, I left with fresh ground flour and recipes to try for my children. I can't wait to try making bread with the flour she gave me. The store bought flour just doesn't do what I want/need it to do. She had a loaf of bread she made and oh my gosh this bread was beautiful and tasted great!!! Sounds weird huh? Bread being beautiful. But if you've seen my whole wheat bread, then you'd know exactly what I'm talking about. Light and airy, I could have sworn she bought it at the store and tried to pass it off as homemade. Only I know her better than that, plus I've heard about the many failed attempts, so to see a loaf so beautiful means she has been practicing ALOT.

Well, the children and I are off to bed. We'll probably read for some time before we call it a night. But it's the best way we know to end such a blessed and beautiful day.


Why didn't I think of that?

I got the great idea from my good friend C to let my children create a blog to express themselves. I thought it would not only improve their writing skills (not writing per say) and also be able to express themselves.

So I let them each sit with me and begin to create it and choose the template and so forth. They had a ball. I then let them each sit down and write their first blog entry. It was fun to watch them type away and really get into it. They had such excitement and enthusiasm for this "new" thing called blogging.

Well then I couldn't let them have one and I not have one. Right? So maybe I will also be able to loosen up a bit and express myself.

My friend C should write a book. When you read her blogs she expresses herself so clearly, it's like you are right there in her home experiencing what she is saying. Or maybe it's just the way I create images in my head since I am a visual person.

We will see what neat things we all come up with on Monday.


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