New Years Eve - Afternoon

Well,  I most likely won't post tonight, unless......

It's always good to leave that option open.  I had a goal for 2009 and that was to increase my blogging and I did.
My goal for 2010 is to improve my sewing/quilting skills and start a sewing/quilting blog.  I'm hoping my daughters will get into the groove of this and join me.  That would be loads of fun.
I've narrowed down my hobbies to reading, sewing, and quilting.  I think that's enough for this gal.  I don't know that my plate will handle much more, although I do like my gardening, so I may not be able to do away with that one. ;-)

I don't make resolutions...I never stick to them.  I think my biggest thing for 2010 is to continue the grieving process for my mother and deepen my walk with Christ, not in that particular order but you know...

One other thing I'll be working on this year is being the best me God created me to be.  I've always been a people pleaser and it's gotten really old now.  I just want to be me.  I've noticed that I've gotten a little legalistic and I want to shed that and just please my Savior, after all, HE is the most important one in this universe anyway.

UPDATE:  My sister is a married woman now.  She sent me pictures and we both cried.  Boy how we sure miss our mom!!!!

New Years Eve - Morning

Today my baby sister will be getting married.  Kinda reminds me of when I got married almost 17 years ago.  Mom was not able to be there physically for me when I married and neither will she be there for my sister when she says I do either.

Moments like today and Christmas, and I'm positive others to come, will make us reflect back on who our mother really was.  She was a giant....one whose shoes none of us will ever be able to fill.  She never saw herself as strong or worthy, but if she only knew...we all looked to her for strength just so we could hold on and move forward.

They say this will get easier.  She was our best friend, I don't know if that's possible for it to get easier.  When my brother and then father passed away, it was sad and it hurt and yes over the years it did get easier.  Those two were my best friends as well, but none of them like my mother.  I think it's different when it's a mother.  Those heart strings begin to be knitted and tied together long before birth.  So when you lose a mother, it feels like you have just fallen into an abyss.

Tomorrow will mark the beginning of a new year.  A new year without either of my parents.  A new year I must learn to grow up even more.  A new year that I must try to hold on to so many memories and yet pass on so many things to my children from their grandparents.  A new year to lean on God a little bit more, trust Him even more, and call on Him a lot more.
No grand celebration for our family.  We are thankful and blessed for a new year, but this is also the year of so many unwanted changes.

We love you mom, we wouldn't want you back on this side of heaven simply because we can only imagine the joy, peace, and love you must feel now.  One day, we too will be on that side of heaven with you and we'll fully understand your joy.

God Bless...


Christmas Eve 2009

This is supposed to be a happy and joyous time of year, this is after all a celebration of Jesus.
Yet I just can't seem to get in the mood.

My heart is heavy as I look around and notice that my mom is missing and see the small changes my sisters fiancé are making in my mothers house and I want to scream. I am actually screaming inside, I want it all to stop and everything to go back to normal. It all seems to be going so fast.

Someone stop the ride I really want to get off of this one.

- iTasha


A new hurdle

Today we laid my mothers earthen vessle to rest. There were many tears and yet double the laughter.
Mom will be missed even more than she knew but I ever so grateful for the life lessons as well as all the memories.
Mom taught me to cherish the simple stuff, like finding beauty in rocks and collecting them, gazing at the sunset, or going thrift store shopping. She taught me everything I or my children know about crafts and the creative arts. She was full of praise and a smile even when she was going thru lifes challenges.
As we sat thru her homegoing I saw how many lives she touched and for each of those in attendance, there were about 7-10 unable to attend....she literally had children all around the world.
She was FAR above rubies and loved by many. She was my best friend.

- iTasha


Gone to glory

The ventilator was turned off and removed at 5:15 pm. She did not take a breath afterwards. It has been and is a great blessing to know Christ was her Savior and she is with Him in glory.
Please continue to pray for our strength as we grieve but please, please rejoice with us over her homegoing. She would have it no other way!

- iTasha

Update on mom

Well ladies I thank you greatly for your prayers for my mom. She suffered a major stroke along with about 10 min strokes during surgery. We believe she was sitting at the feet of Jesus by late Sunday afternoon.
She's really not breathing on her own. So we've decided not to wait until Friday but to end her suffering and let her body rest. Her spirit afterall is in the presence of Glory. She's already singing with the angels tending the gardens (she had an amazing green thumb), and enjoying her new body.
I believe she was able to lay eyes upon her mother for the first time ever.
We are hurting but at peace. No one can hurt her or cause her pain and she Has no more worries.

- iTasha

She's in the arms of Jesus

Physically she went to be with Jesus Sunday afternoon while they were still working on her body. She's singing and rejoicing with the angels.
Technically she will be removed from the ventilator today.
I miss her voice and smile already but I wouldn't want her to come back to this life for me, not when she's got Jesus.
I would tell her to follow Jesus, no turning back, no turning back.


Monday Morning....8:33

The doctor didn't get to check on mom this morning, he had to rush off to another surgery.

We have learned that paralysis and brain damage are one of possible things that could happen as a result of the surgery.  We know she is not paralyzed but the fact that she is not waking up and not responding is what concerns us and the doctors.

She is scheduled for an MRI at 10 this morning.  Prayerfully we will have some answers.

I think the hardest part is the not knowing.  Not having answers allows your mind to wander.
Still it's all in the Saviors hands.


It's after midnight and my husband and I are camping out in the hospital waiting area.  We are all too fearful of going to far from the hospital so we are taking turns being "with mom".  We can't go to her room after 10pm and she's still in ICU.

She has yet to respond as they want her to.  She has reflexes but is not following the simple commands they are giving her.  The doctors concern is possible brain damage.

We never thought we'd be on this journey.  It's rather hard to believe.
Our last words to one another were over the phone as they were rushing her to surgery.  She said to me, don't worry, I'll be ok.  I love you.  To which I responded I love you too.

It's scary to think that those may be the final words I heard from my mom and yet comforting too.  There are still so many words left unsaid.  So many things she asked me to do and I never seemed to have any time.  So much I took for granted.

Lord, please give the doctors wisdom.  Help us to not fear but trust.  Keep my mother in your hands and let her know You are near.


My Momma!

My mother was told she was going to be released on Monday.  We were all a bit confused as they had said they were going to do surgery.
As of Saturday, the doctors felt they would be able to keep things under control with medication and monitor her for 2 months.
We came here to visit last night.  She seemed short of breath and her blood pressure was low.  After we left  she fell and her oxygen level dropped drastically.  They moved her back to ICU but did not call to tell us.  I got a call around 10:30ish this morning saying they were heading in for emergency open heart surgery.
We are in the waiting room and they called at 1 to say that all is set up and they are beginning.  This is a 3 hour surgery.

Please continue to pray!!!!!


Prayers are Appreciated

On Oct. 8, my mother celebrated her 67th birthday.  Today I sit with her in ICU.
She began complaining of chest pains at 3 AM Wed.  We rushed her to the hospital where they ran a few tests and at first they were going to send her home to follow up with her primary physician.  When we resigned ourselves to that, the doctor returned and said no we want to do one more test.  After that test, they began saying they would be transferring her to a larger hospital in Dallas.

She went from a regular room to ICU for precautions.  We are now waiting for them to take her for a catheter procedure where they may add stints if necessary and then after that, they will determine if she will need open heart surgery.

We appreciate your prayers.  We don't know the future, but we do know who holds it.  In that we find peace and comfort.

She has said that she is not afraid to die, she KNOWS she'll see her Savior.  She just doesn't want to suffer and be in great pain.  Of course we don't know His timing, but we are praying for more time.  All things are in His hands.

I'll keep you posted!!!!  We serve an awesome, loving God and He is MORE than able!!!!!


Wonderful new site & blog

I couldn't wait to share this new blog/site/forum I've discovered.  I can't even remember HOW I found it, but I'm glad I did.
I am a member of the Sense and Sensibility Forum (though I've not been on to chat in a while).  I really enjoy that one and found several blogs to follow of a few ladies that do lots of sewing.  I really anticipate reading up on what they have been creating.
Well, I found this new site and joined the forum and follow the blog.  I've ordered my first items from them (very inexpensive...but it was also on clearance ;->). 
Anyway, it's a quilt store in Missouri by the name of Missouri Star Quilt Co.  They have daily deals saving you from 30% - 70%, but they also have free giveaways.  I've not been able to participate in one yet, but I was reading the blog about the give away on Friday and man oh man, it sounds like it was a good one. 
This site also has free tutorials.  I LOVE THIS!!!!  I did find A LOT of tutorials on youtube, but I would get into a rhythm of watching the tutorials and would want to watch those by a particular person and would always end up watching several other peoples tutorials.  So to find these all on one site was a blessing to me. 

So, check it out when you get a minute, if you are so inclined.  I've got some quilting to do!!!  


Well, it's been a little over a week that my husband has been home.  We are all trying to relearn and transition back to being a 5 person household.  If I can be honest, it's not easy.
I was crying out to God one day because I had all these expectations of his return and let me tell you this is nothing like what I had envisioned.  As I was crying and pouting, God said, you prayed for his return and I've done that, do you not think I can change him into the man of God I called him to be?  OUCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
So I said, well yes Lord, but.  He said there are no buts, you are to extend grace to him just as I extend my grace to you.  It won't be easy, but I will help carry the burden.  I will be here to hear your cries and when you are done, you will be light and salt to him.  Plant the seeds and let me water and grow them.  It is not my desire that he be lost to the world.  It is not my desire that he profess to be a Child of God and yet live like the world.  If I covered, kept, and protected you and your children for 4 years...I will not stop now.  This is not about you, but it is about My glory. 
Really, after the Lord finishes "spanking" you in that manner, there really isn't much more to say except...Yes Lord!
So, please continue to pray for me and my family as the children and I strive to be salt and light to my husband. 
We are specifically praying that his will be broken so that God can step in and be the Lord of His life.  This is only day #2 but he is getting up with me each morning to pray and read a portion of scripture.  We are also trying to get back in the groove of family devotions and he has participated in that as well.  So continued prayer that he become increasingly hungry for the things and ways of God and allows the Word of God to transform his life and way of thinking.

Blessings and much thanks for your prayers!



She's Back!!!

Akyra returned home yesterday evening.  Her flight went smoothly and she handled things well.  To see the transformation that has taken place within her is amazing. 
God NEVER ceases to amaze me. 
We still have much to work through, but because He loves us so much, I know that He will be with us every step of the way.  There is nothing He wouldn't do for us.
I had allowed the enemy to whisper to me yesterday and he taunted me all day long.  What if...
her plane didn't make it, what if she missed the flight, what if...
It's those what if's that can make you go insane. 
Yet, none of those things happened and as we sat around the table eating and listening to this very "quiet" child chatter on and on about her trip, I gave praises to God for taking care of this lamb that He blessed me with. 

Now, my turn, my turn, as I jump up and down waving my arms wildly about.  I need a Journey to His Heart as well.  I want that transformation in my life too.  I desire to relinquish this baggage I carry with me.  I want to be free!!!
Please keep us in your prayers as we continue to come together in His Word and that the girls will go forward in their journeys. 


Praise & Fear...My Oxymoron

Thursday, Nov. 5th, my husband returned home.  It's been a long hard 4 year road of separation for us, but God has been faithful.  It still has not set in that this is real and in reality, a part of me waits for him to wake up and say "I made a mistake or I changed my mind".  This is where my fear overtakes me.
We've got much garbage to work through and the challenges we face will not be easy.  
I do trust that God can do ANYTHING and yet, I know as humans, we have the ability to make choices that are not always pleasing to the Lord.

Every time I went in the direction towards divorce, God clearly said no.  It finally got to the point that I said Lord if you intend for me to remain without him or any mate, I will obey.  My heart was heavy and yet He continued to give me dreams and visions of reconciliation.  It seemed like merciless torture to be honest.  

The enemy constantly whispers in my ear reminding me that he "returned" home once before for a week and still chose to walk away.  So I'm daily having to fight him off and repeat God's truths.

So our desire is to one day renew our vows, but until that time, please keep us lifted up in your prayers.  Place us constantly at His feet before the throne.  We still have a long way to go, but we are trusting God for guidance.

All glory and praise be to Our Lord Jesus Christ who has brought things to this point and holds us in His hands!!!


God Will...

Sometimes choose to tie your hands so He can be God.

My 16 year old daughter left last Saturday to attend a 10 day retreat called Journey to the Heart.  We clearly knew that this is what God had for her.  She was/is so ready for spiritual breakthrough in her life and for God to reveal Himself to her, just for her.  We also knew the enemy did not and does not want her to have or experience that freedom.  The tactics he chose, we would have never imagined or thought of, but when you finally sit down and look at the order of things, you can see the hand of the enemy all in it!!! UGH I HATE THE DEVIL!!!

Well, Friday night she twists her ankle while helping to move our dogs and get them situated.  We thought we would need to head to the hospital because of the amount of pain she was in.  I said, there is no way I'm going to put you on the plane on crutches.  This made her cry more, she said I have to go.  I told her the best thing we could do was pray for healing.  Around 4:15 AM she woke up and said God told me to get up and walk and as she hobbled with a slight limp I could see her get stronger and stronger.  It made me think of the lame man in the Bible.  By the time we got to the airport there was an ever so slight limp not noticeable to anyone that didn't know what happened the previous night.

Her ticket says 8:35 and we get to the gate at 8:25 and the lady informs us the plane is taking off as we are standing there and sure enough we look out the window and there it went.  However, she could go on standby on another flight.  Having worked in the airline industry, I know that standby does NOT guarantee you a seat and you could get bumped from flight to flight all day long.  When we get to the other gate for the next flight, that person actually gives her a boarding pass....meaning she is no longer on standby, but is booked as a passenger as though she bought and paid for a ticker for THAT flight!  Praise be to God!
We sit around for 3 1/2 hours waiting.

As the day progresses, she finally calls and says she made it safely to Chicago, HOWEVER, they can't find her luggage.  They file a missing bag report and tell her they will bring it to her as soon as it shows up.

My child is in cold, windy Chicago and I'm in Texas and there is NOTHING, did you hear me? NOTHING I can do.  By Sunday evening, her bags are still no where to be found. 

My heart ached to hear my child crying saying she's cold and her coat is no where to be found.  She thinks of all the skirts I lovingly made for this trip and she's heartbroken, her new Bible is also among the missing, not to mention all of her personal items.  She's frantic, yet thankful for all the girls that loaned her clothes for Sunday, but she can't take a shower and she's feeling defeated. 

What does a mother do when her hands are tied and she hears the cries of her child, but can physically do nothing about it?  Well, let me tell you, I cried and I prayed and I cried and I prayed.  Finally I said Lord she was Yours before she was ever mine.  You orchestrated this for her, so You could show Yourself strong and mighty in her life.  Please Lord, just have mercy and make it quick. 

It wasn't a matter of my faith or belief that God was/is able.  It was a mother's natural heart aching to comfort her child in the midst of her pain and agony.  Yet, the only thing I could do is give her back to the one who created her before time began.  Talk about a real life practical releasing/surrendering of someone you care so deeply for.

Oh, but isn't this just like God?  He is our Father and He so desperately wants to comfort us in the midst of our pain and agony.  We at times, because He does allow us free will and when we choose to go against Him we tie his hands.

Sunday night, a couple of the leaders took her to Walmart and purchased EVERYTHING my sweet girl will need for the remainder of her trip...to include a nice warm coat. 

Now I pray daily that she is comfortable enough to focus on God and God alone.  Please join with me in prayer that her spiritual eyes will be opened to what He has for her to see and that her spirit would be awakened to the things of God.  Breakthrough is what she longs for and needs.  She desires to know God as her own and not just what mama says.  She's seen Him bless her family but she needs to know His blessing for herself.

As of today, Wednesday - 11/4, her original bag has still yet to be located.  Please pray it turns up.  Also pray for her safe return home...I can't wait to see the transformation in her life on Tuesday - 11/10 when I lay eyes on her again.

In Christ,

Sin...what do you call it?

As a Christian, we hear or know the things we shouldn't do or the things we should do.  If we aren't careful, those things will/can become legalistic in our lives.  It's not until we look at things from God's perspective that we can really truly begin to see them clearly. 
We look at our lives and call things in our lives mistakes, situations, issues, personality traits.  God looks at those same things and calls them sin.
As a FOLLOWER of Christ, we should be looking at things the way HE sees them.  Now I've learned that we can be believers in Christ, but there is something TOTALLY different about being a FOLLOWER of Christ as well.

When we confess with our mouths that Jesus is Lord and we accept Him as our personal Savior, then we are Believers in Christ.  We have said we accept the blood that cleanses us.  We believe in our hearts that He took our sins, died on the cross and rose again and sits at the right hand of God.

When we begin to try to walk out our lives pleasing to God (knowing that we stumble because we are FAR from perfect), when we see things from His perspective and point of view, then we are Followers of Christ.

I had a conversation with someone and they basically said "Just accept me for who I am".  Those words at first just kinda sat in my spirit and then I realized what they were really asking me to do.  You know if the person had said, accept that I have one leg shorter than the other, I'm blind or deaf, or I'm 5 inches shorter than you, I'm slim, I'm healthy, etc. then those things I could accept, that is who they are and they can't do much about it.  HOWEVER, when a person is clearly walking in sin, rebellion, and disobedience, God calls those things sin and as True Christians and Followers of Christ, we can do no less than to call those things sins as well.  These are choices.

Now this may mean we lose friends along the way, it may even mean they are offended that we would dare to call what they are doing a sin, but as Sisters & Brothers in the Faith, we can do no less than to look that person in the eye and say you are wrong not because I say you are wrong, but because God says you are wrong.  God loves the sinner, but He HATES the sin.  We should be no different.  If God says sin is an abomination to Him and He instructs us to stay far from it, then who are we, mere earthlings, to say well, God is such a loving God that He doesn't mean it that way?  Who are we to compromise so as not to offend anyone?

He clearly says in His Word that we are to be a peculiar person.  We should not look nor act like the heathen of this world.  We should stand apart, not trying to fit in.  We should boldly and confidently say to one another, I love you, but your choices or actions are sinful in the sight of God.  Your pleasure and enjoyment bring Him no pleasure, it is your soul that is His utmost concern.

When we get into trying to keep a happy medium and not offend, we are actually telling our sisters and brothers in Christ that sin is ok and we will let God be the judge.  Though we are not to judge the person, we are to judge the persons actions.  This is where you get iron sharpening iron Prov. 27:17.  We are not to condemn our sisters and brothers, but to lovingly point out their sin.

So as I shared with this person that they weren't wanting me to accept them per say, but to accept their sin, they snickered and shook their head.  My heart was/is saddened by that.  If they only knew that the Father loves them so very dearly and He wants none of us to walk in sin or rebellion.  I can only imagine His heart and the heaviness He feels when we openly choose to do just that. 

Oh that we may not grieve the Holy Spirit.

Heavenly Father,
I thank you so much for your love and I pray that as you have opened my spiritual eyes to many things, that you will open the spiritual eyes of my blog followers and the one I speak of in this blog.  That they may see things from your perspective.  That they may hate sin and run far from it.  The very thought of sin becomes like garbage to them and they would spiritually puke from the smell and sight of it.  For those of us that see others in out right rebellion and sin, give us words to speak that would be edifying to them and guide them right back to You.  Help us to remember to love the sinner, but to hate the sin. 
May each of us begin to see ourselves as You see us and that You would humble our hearts to truly repent of the things that grieve You and cause You pain. 
May You be glorified in this post and all others.  Speak to my heart and the hearts of others, reminding us of who we are in You and what You have given us through Your Son, Jesus Christ!

*I in no way wrote this to stand on a soap box to the one I am speaking of in this blog.  This person has no link to my blog and will therefore never read it. 


On her way to her Journey

Akyra was all set to board her flight when we heard her being paged. We get to the gate & the lady informs us that the flight has departed. She missed her flight!
She will leave on a later flight :-(
Praying for complete safety!!!!



I had a comment about my post yesterday on Friends/Fellowship.

I wanted to tell her this via email, but was not able to do so...
Then thought, it might be good for others as well.  You never know
who is struggling in various areas with lack of friends as well.

There was a time, not so long ago, when I had friends, but none of them really following Christ.
They were the kind of friends that said all those things that make you feel good, but there was
no meat or substance to it.  You know, the kind that give you the advice "if I were you".
I began to pray for godly friends and then began to be more specific in my prayer.
I prayed that God would send godly women into my life that I could call friends.  They wouldn't
tell me what I "wanted" to hear, but would be honest (brutally honest if necessary).  I wanted
friendships that would stand the test of time.  Friends that would understand and be comfortable
with me not liking what they said and even getting upset with them, but strong enough to stick
around and wait for me to come to my senses if need be.  Friends that would give me advice from
the Word of God and lead me back to it if I went astray.
Iron sharpening Iron....that's what I envisioned a godly friend to be and do.

I didn't want weak friends, but friends strong in their faith and doubly strong in their convictions.

It has taken some time, but as I look back over the last 4 years or so, I can see that God has chiseled out
the perfect friends for me.  I don't always agree with them, may not like what they say or do all the time
either, but they are truly my friends...sisters in Christ and they are REAL!!!!

They have cheered with me when things were good, comforted me when things were bad.  They've prayed for me when I couldn't pray for myself, and lifted me up at my lowest points.  They've rejoiced and praised
right along with me.  Given me words of wisdom and always directed me back to the GOOD BOOK.

YET, each of them is different in various ways.  We constantly throw around the phrase "best friend".  These are the bestest friends (I know that's not a word) I could have ever prayed for and I am so very thankful God chose them to be a part of my life on this journey called life.

Angie, Kelly,Jackie, & Christine, you are the ones I prayed for years ago.  The ones God placed in my life for such a time as this...and many years to come.  I wish I could express just how appreciative I am of you and your friendship.  Dare I say best friend?  That truly would not describe what and who you are to me.  In fact, there really are no words.  Thank you!!!  I love each of you to pieces and you are the best you for me!!!

So for those that are praying for those godly women to be a part of their lives...KEEP PRAYING!!!
He does hear you and when He answers, it will be in a mighty way, yet it will be so subtle you won't even realize it at first.

Thank you Father for each of these dear friends and all the other men and women of God you have placed in my life.  Thank you for their character and especially their love for You.  Thank you for their love for me and my family.  Thank you that You dwell so richly and mightily in their hearts and lives.  Cover them with Your love, grace, mercy, and Your hand.  Keep them far from all hurt, harm, or danger.  What the enemy brings into their lives for bad, turn it around for their good and Your glory.  Shine Your face upon them more and more as they continue to draw closer and closer to you.  They are truly far above rubies and for that I thank You.  In Your Precious Son's Name, AMEN.


Friendship & Fellowship

We have had an awesome time with friends in these last two days.

On Sunday, we went to church (which was awesome) and the girls had a leadership meeting they had to attend.  It is awesome to watch God move and work in their lives.  The meeting was not until that evening at 6:30 and we live about an hour away from the church, so going home and returning later was out of the question.  So a dear friend (Adrian's godfather), invited us over to his place to "hang" out until we needed to be back at the church.  We talked and talked and talked, which is what we usually do whenever we get together.  It was fun!!!  I also cut out strips for the quilt I will be working on soon for a gift.  While the girls were at the meeting, Adrian and I visited some more and by the time we picked up the girls, we were all exhausted.

Yesterday I was talking to one of my dearest friends whom I truly love dearly.  She was telling me about the changes she is trying to make within her family.  So they will begin having green smoothies for breakfast this morning.  She couldn't get over the fact that it actually has stuff in it like lettuce, spinach, or even avocado.  I was sharing with her how delicious they are and how much it changed our household and the benefits from drinking them as well.  She was most impressed.  I wished I could go make her at least one so she could get a taste for them and see that the sight is NOTHING like the taste at all.  As we talked further and she sounded more and more unsure of them, I said it again...I really wish I could do the first one for you.  She said you can.
I headed on home, picked up the children and headed to her place.  I made the green smoothies and the girls made the rolls the
Duggars shared with her, Kelly made the taco soup.  The smoothies were a hit!!!  Her children (she has 11 amazing children) were all looking like I had grown another head with this concoction I had made, but they willingly tasted.  One of the girls was not very quick in trying it, but the thing was everyone had to try it.  SHE LOVED IT!!!!  The thing is, with all the fruits, you never taste the green stuff you add.  My other dearest friend has started a green smoothie challenge.  I'm hoping to get back to this soon!!!

We then sat and fellowshipped while enjoying the taco soup and homemade rolls.  Can you say delicious?!  Well it was very satisfying to my tummy! LOL

We had so much dough from the dinner rolls that we used some of it to prep cinnamon rolls for their breakfast this morning, but she surprised us by sending the pan home with us.  It was truly a surprise to me, as she told the girls not to show me until after we had driven down the road a bit...knowing I would not then turn around and take them back at that point.  They followed directions perfectly and as I said, I was pleasantly surprised.

When God places godly friends in your life, don't take them for granted, but love on them and enjoy the times you get to share with them.  This has truly been a highlight in my life and walk with Christ.  When you walk away from the world, God has so much he wants to give you in place of those things from the world.  Friends are one of them!!!  I am so thankful and grateful for them and I love them like family.  

Give Aways!!!

I love free stuff!!  Especially if it is stuff that will build my relationship with Christ or my children's relationship with Christ...after all, these are the MOST important things in life.

Check out At the Well for ways to participate in her drawing of Vision Forum CD's and then check out
Joyfully Living For His Glory for another drawing with a different set of CD's from Vision Forum.

I have to tell you we are becoming HUGE fans of Vision Forum.  Most of my sons Christmas items will come from them this year!

Be blessed and I pray I win, or you, or someone.  Whoever it is will be blessed for sure!


Thankful Thursday

This week I am most thankful for my children.  No matter what our circumstances are, they hang in there right along with me.  They've been through some hardships and though they have expressed their dislike for things they've had to deal with, they have not grumbled or complained about it one bit. 
Though our home is not the best and there are still many things we need to do to get it to a decent living standard, they are most thankful to have a roof over our heads.  They don't complain when money is tight and we are having to stretch meals with LOTS of beans or they have to forgo some of the "necessities" of life.  For the most part, you find them with cheerful hearts and smiles that light up a room.

Thank you sweet Jesus for blessings beyond this world.  I've always thanked You for allowing me to be their mother, but in all honesty, thank You for allowing them to be my children and to daily show me who You are
through them.


Memorizing Scripture

Can you say hard?

Since Ari has returned from "Journey", she has been leading our family devotion time and teaching us all to memorize scripture.  

I have wanted to be able to memorize scripture for my entire time as a Christian.
In the beginning it was for selfish reasons...I wanted to be able to quote scripture back to folks to look good in their eyes.  

Yet as I've continued on this journey, I've wanted to learn for several reasons.  Those times the enemy is attacking and you need to fight back but only the Word will defeat him.  Those times when someone needs to hear a Word of encouragement to lift them up.  And for preparation for the time when we may very well be persecuted for reading the Word, I want to have it so ingrained/etched upon my heart that I can recall His Word at any given moment.

I have to tell you this has NOT been the easiest thing for me in the least, but Ari is so good at encouraging all of us to keep trying.  She and the other girls learned Colossians 3:1-11 on their 8 hour trip from Chicago to Michigan.  Talk about impressed! 
I can't tell you how excited I am to hear my children quote the verses they have learned and to know that they are enjoying it. 

Hmmmmmmmmm, I think if I "think" on these things, as well as Christ, when the enemy is attacking me, it may do me good. 

I am a blessed woman and a blessed momma!!!!

Worship...Tis So Sweet!!!

I just wanted to share a few songs that God is using to minister to me and I to Him right now.
The artist is Kari Jobe.  She came to our church a couple of Sundays ago to worship with us.  It was amazing and the presence of the Holy Spirit was so sweet.

I pray the words will be a healing balm to you.


The More I Seek You

My Beloved

You Are For Me

I must say, if you can, go purchase her awesome CD.

Please be in prayer

Tragedy has struck our church family.

We learned yesterday that one of the members of the Youth Praise Team passed away.  We don't know full details, he was running at a track, passed out and was rushed to the hospital where he was pronounced dead.
Please keep his family in your prayers.  His name was Donnie Wade.
My girls have sung with him while being part of the praise team and they are in shock.


Seeking God

I'm empty.  
Drained and going through the motions.  As much as I know about God, as much as I love Christ, I still feel empty.
I want more and yet, I feel dry.  I want to feel the fire/power/presence of the Holy Spirit in and upon my life.

I don't want a mediocre walk with Christ and that is exactly what I feel at this point.

I open my Bible and I look at the pages, nothing stirs me.  

Where is my passion, my zeal, my hunger?  

I know we are not to envy or covet, but have you ever looked at a persons walk with the Lord and wanted
that same drive they have for the Lord?  I know we all go through different things that drive us to the Lord
and I don't necessarily want to go through what they've been through.  I do, however, want to know God so 
passionately that it's written & etched all over my heart and face.  

Lord, I want You.  I want to know You.  I want every fiber of my being to want you passionately and be on fire
for you.  I want to be so thirsty for you that it is quenched by nothing else but you.

The more my heart cries out for that, the more fear comes upon me.  I've always had this fear that the more I 
seek after God or want Him, the more opportunity for bad things to come in my life or lives of those I love so that
God can then use that to draw me closer to Him.
I do know that God can and does sometimes use the hardships in our lives to draw us closer to Him, but 
I'm always afraid that the more I seek Him the more disaster in my life.

I know this may sound crazy to many, I know this is a lie from the enemy.  I know that God is love!
I want to  have that child like faith that believes and trust in God and His goodness, not think of Him as some big
bad wolf waiting around the bend to make my life a living hell.
I KNOW this sounds crazy.  Why would a loving God cause or allow bad things to happen just so He can draw one
closer to Him?  And yet again, as crazy as this sounds and with all that God has done for me and all that He has 
been to me and for me, you would think it foolish for me to believe this lie.  

I want to be free from this lie.  I want to be free from the enemy.  


Family Camp 2009

Well, we didn't actually attend the full 7 days but did get to go for the day. It was amazingly fun. The message spoken was phenomonal & the activities we got to participate in were really fun.
We met two exceptional families, the Duggars & the Bates. Talking with each family & spending the day with them was great fun also. I do hope to be able to glean more from them regarding their walk with Christ. We didn't get to visit with Michelle Duggar long as she soon flew out to be with son & daughter-in-law for the birth of their first child.
We also met up with some friends that live in & around where we live...that was nice as well.
We hope to attend for the full week next year as part of our family vacation...which the area is only an hour away from our home! I'm also hoping our dear friends in Houston will be able to join us for that week or at least a few days of that week. I think they would enjoy it as well.

To God...

be All the glory. Ari left going to Journey to the Heart on the 19th of Sept. & returned on the 29th. I have witnessed a change in her heart that only can come from God. She has a softness about her, a sense of deeper love for Christ & a forgiveness in her heart that is beyond words. I am so thankful to God for the family that sponsored her to go. I'm also blessed to announce that this lovely family has now sponsored Akyra to attend JTH at the end of this month!!!!!! God is good. I'll keep you posted on her journey.


Have You Ever...

Believed and yet doubted? Had faith and yet didn't trust? Knew all the right things to say, think, and do AND yet you say the wrong things, think the wrong thoughts, and believe on the wrong things? I know WHOSE I am and I KNOW who I am, so why am I in such despair? Why is my spirit in such turmoil? When will I get to a point where I know that I know and my faith is not shaken? When will I get to the point when my pit doesn't keep me from His word?
I guess you can tell I'm in a valley right now and at the same moment my baby girl is in Michigan focusing on God and drawing closer to Him!!!
The enemy is a sly, vile, creature!!!!


Thank You Jesus, It's Never Too Late!!!!

I've often looked at my children, thinking of all the mistakes I've made, how I don't fully have there hearts, how I'm away from them at time when they need me the most; and wondered to myself, Lord, is it too late to raise them up for YOUR glory?
Our society will tell us that children are naturally rebellious. In all honesty, we are ALL naturally rebellious, it's our sin nature to want to do things on our own terms, in our own way. Somehow that label was applied to teens and it stuck. However, when I look at my children, I see children that desperately want to please me, yet sometimes their flesh gets in the way. So it is for us as well. I do the things I don't want to do and the things I want to do, I don't do...


I can't believe I really did it!

I promised my girls I would make them modest swim suits for 2 years. The only thing was I hadn't sewn anything since high school. I couldn't put it off any longer. I purchased modest patterns from a friend that decided she would never get around to sewing one for her daugter. I had to learn quickly how to alter & make adjustments using very slippery fabric. the end results, both my girls look modest, are simply delightful & can enjoy swimming once again!!!


A question from my sister...

My youngest sister has gotten engaged. She's reading everything Biblical to prepare her as best as possible to be a godly wife. However, she asked one question.

How often should the wife cook for her husband? And should he ever cook for her?

I would love your input so I can print it and share it with her.

Thanks in advance


C H R I S T M A S!!!

Can you believe that Christmas is right around the corner, yet again?
I know it's only June and I'm thinking about Christmas. I've actually
been doing a lot of praying and seeing Christmas a little different. I
knew God was up to something, but wasn't sure what. This past Christmas
was different for us in so many ways. Well, now God is challenging me
to make it different on so many other levels as well.

Tell me what you think.

On Dec. 25th we will NOT have Christmas as it has been traditionally
done in AMERICA for years. We will not exchange gifts in my home on
that day, but will make a cake for Jesus to celebrate Him. I know there
are many arguments as to whether Dec. 25th was the actual date of His
Birth, but the point to me is that He was born for each of us, matters
not on WHAT day!!!!!
There I go digressing again...SORRY-
So we will have cake and a special breakfast and dinner that day. We
will be doing some visiting, but just not sure where. I don't know if
we will be going to nursing homes or what, but God is up to something.

I'm trying to think of budget friendly, quick, simple, hand-made gifts
we can begin making now to share with others if God does indeed lead us
to the nursing homes. So if you have any idea of something we (my
children & I) can begin doing now, please share.
Then I'm getting several months in my head, Jan., Feb., & March for us
to put up our tree and do our gift exchanges. I know each child will
get 3 gifts each from me, plus with each sibling getting each other
gifts, they will have 5 total. I'm not sure if we will do a family gift
or what. They will each get a gift they can use, one they really want,
and one pertaining to their relationship with God. I'm thinking of
ng a spending limit on the gifts they can exchange with each
other...would $10 be too low? I don't know right now, but we'll see.

What I do know is that God is breaking us out of the tradition and norm
of what EVERYONE ELSE is doing.

So with that, what special hand-made gifts can we exchange with
grandmothers, aunts, and cousins? Any ideas, please do share.

Father's Day

My baby boy left to go on his first ever Boy Scout Camping Trip!!!! He
was excited and nervous all at the same time. We had many, many talks
concerning safety. Many nights of prayers. I've been praying ever
since he got on that bus, pleading the blood of Jesus over him and
trusting God to care for him. I can't wait for him to get back and tell
me how it went. None of my children can swim, heck their mama can't
even swim, so that was one of the things the Scout Leader said they
would most definitely be working on this week. There are so many badges
he can get, but must know how to swim in order to get them.

I'll post an update once he gets home!!! Until then, keep him in your
prayers if you feel led to.

2009 Church Celebration & Family VBS

I have so much to catch up on...Prayerfully God will bring it ALL back
to my remembrance.

I said prayerfully! LOL

Well, let’s go back to June 6th. Our church celebrated 33 years of
ministry. It was an awesome time of celebration. The church "picnic"
was actually more of a carnival, with various rides for the children,
food booths, and then there was entertainment and prizes. It was really
I so enjoy seeing the body of Christ join together to celebrate and
have good clean fun. I also get a kick out of seeing our pastor join
right in. He's never been "above us" to mingle and interact with us...I
just love him and his family to pieces.

Some things that really stuck out to me were watching the pastor and
elders do a hula hoop contest. Now that was HILARIOUS!!!! The food was
good, as always. I, of course, got a turkey leg and well, need I say
more?! LOL

The only thing I regret is I was having such a great time under the
tent listening to the music and visiting that I didn't get many pictures
of the kidlets on the rides and water slide. I did get some of the
girls singing. The youth praise team did an awesome job. I love to
watch them praise. As with ANY singing, you can spot those that are up
there for themselves, but those few that are really up there praising
the Lord and don't care who sees them because they know it's not about
them anyway, those few make it worth it completely!!!

Sunday, the 7th began our Family VBS.

I had never heard of including the entire family in VBS until we joined
Oak Cliff Bible Fellowship. It has been life changing and transforming
for my family. We all thoroughly enjoy our church. As much as I loved
The Potter's House and T.D. Jakes, I often wish when we first visited
OCBF that we had stayed and joined instead of moving on. But God had to
grow me and show me...anyway, I digress.

John Gray was our Christian Comedian. I had never heard of him before,
but he was very good and very funny. He worked his tail off though. He
would do his part for the adults and then head over to the youth and do
his thing for them. He has many great accomplishments, including being
a former singer with Kirk Franklin. He has 2 movies out on DVD that I
would really love to get, but that will have to wait.

Alicia Garcia was the vocalist for the week. She can blow, she can
speak, and my goodness she can give you a whole new perspective on God.
The messages were good each night, however, the most profound thing I
got from VBS didn't come from the speaker or the comedian. It came from
the singer!!!!
She shared with us a time when she was down and yet from the world’s
point of view, she could look around and see all the STUFF she had. She
went to sit and have her quiet time with the Lord and to find words of
comfort in His Word. She said as she was praying the Holy Spirit gave
her 3 words that were life changing...JESUS IS LORD. She said not her
circumstances, not her money, not her emotions, thoughts, or feelings,
not her career, not even her family, but JESUS!!! Now you've heard
these words many, many times...at least I have, but until you finally
believe them for yourself, they are J U S T words. The Holy Spirit will
not knock you upside the head to get you to believe, know or understand
what He already knows. He'll just wait patiently for you to finally
know that you know that what He knows to be true really is true.
Most of us, if not all of us have read the end of the Book. However,
we tend to look at the chaos around us and doubt if we win. We begin to
wonder if anything good can come from the hell around us. And yes, we
may even look at life and say WHAT is the point. But remember they also
said "can anything good come from Nazareth" too. They didn't realize
that Jesus is Lord either.
Man, again I digress. ;-> Those words have been life changing for me.
I have A LOT going on in my life, I wo
n't deny that, chaos, confusion,
no answers to unanswered questions, but in all of it, I now have a peace
and contentment that surpasses ALL my understanding for sure. I know
that I know that I know that Jesus Is Lord.
Can you imagine, the days of Paul are returning, when Christians will
be locked up for their faith and beliefs, but no matter what MAN takes
from us, they can never ever take the Holy Spirit from us or our praise.
I got a right to praise Him!!!!
Ok, really, I will try not to get away from my train of thought. HA HA

Now I have a confession to tell you. I was sharing with you about VBS,
but for the life in me, I can't tell you the speakers name or what he
spoke about without looking at my notes and I do remember that what he
had to say was very good and profound as well, but after Alicia, I was
done. SAD? Not really...what God had me there for was to hear the words
that have made the biggest impact on my life at this stage. That was
the nugget I was meant to be there for! And I got it!!!

There were also great breakthroughs for my children. They each had
their own moments of nugget gathering. I'm having a blast watching them
become who God has called them to be, even with all the struggles they
have endured the past almost 4 years. God is using what Satan meant for
evil and turning it around for our good, just as He promised. Now how
is that for someone who makes a promise and NEVER goes back on those
promises!!! Gotta love HIM!


The enemy goes about like a lion...

Have you ever watched National Geographic? We love watching those types of things at our house. One of my daughters is thrilled to learn all she can about animals and can sit and watch the Animal Planet Channel for hours at my mothers home.
So have you ever seen how a lion prowls and waits for his prey? He is so quiet that for the most part the unsuspecting victim has no clue he's even near until it is too late!
Well, as I listen to the news, I realize that is exactly why God described the enemy as a lion in His Word. You don't know he is upon you until it is too late.

The enemy is seeking to devour us all in great subtle ways. I bet you will have never even seen it coming.


Wednesday Ramblings...

My girls and I attended our bi-weekly Bible study that we have been participating in. Quieting a Noisy Soul...It has been an awesome study thus far and I can see where we are each growing from it. Last night we discussed being content. Here I was thinking I am a pretty content person, minus the few areas I already knew about and am working on. Then the guy on the video starts giving greater detail about a discontented heart. Guess what? That's me. I'm learning/noticing when I am discontent, I'm really saying God is NOT enough for me, He can't meet my needs, I need something more. When in reality, God is MORE than enough for me, HE is ALL I need! I don't know about many of you, but I'm having to daily learn to say that to myself when I start thinking about the "what if's" and the "if only's".
I've also learned that it's ok to desire more in life, but if HE never gives me that more I can be content and know that He's enough. In fact, He's already done enough (Calvary)!

In just a few days we should have baby guineas and chicks. We had a thunderstorm in the wee hours of the morning and the power went out. The incubator doesn't have a back up battery or anything, so that means the temperature dropped for a few hours. I'm praying that this didn't effect the eggs and that they will hatch as they should.
We will turn the automatic turner off tonight in preparation for the hatchlings, we don't want them getting crushed by shifting shelves. I've made a homemade brooder and am ready for them whenever they are ready. Once hatched, they will stay in the incubator for 24-48 hours after hatching and then I will transfer them to the brooder, where they will stay for the next 6 weeks and then begin the move outdoors. I'm anxious, excited, thrilled, and praying the vast majority of them hatch and survive.
I'm thinking I will put another 15-30 more eggs in the incubator in a few weeks. I really want to have plenty of meat in the freezer, as well as to have eggs to eat and sell. You'd be amazed at how many people want free-ranged, fresh eggs. I have several co-workers waiting for my younger hens to get bigger and increase our supply.
We now get 2 eggs a day (did I mention that a dog got one of my hens while the dogs were watching the other 4?). So I need to be able to get at least 1/2 dozen to a dozen a day for us to have enough for our consumption and to sell.


I'm full of YouTube Today

This is a fun video to watch! I loved it and was bopping to the beat right at my desk!!! Enjoy

Are you informed about what Birth Control really does?

I've read many a book in the past 10 years on the blessing of children, the deception of the birth control pill, and sterilization. I have desired to reverse my own sterilization for the past 13 years. I talk to my girls constantly about what God's Word has to say about children and I also tell them about my mistakes of using birth control, sex outside of marriage, and having my tubes tied. They are well aware and I pray they will never fall victim to the schemes of the enemy.

But are you informed about what Contraceptives really do?

What will our children endure?

We are being out numbered in our fertility rate. What will happen to our children as the years go by? The US is quickly turning away from it's Christian beliefs, setting the stage for what is yet to come.
Watch and you will be amazed. Will we be a Muslim nation one day?


Apologia Notebooks

Apologia is now producing notebooking journals that accompany each of the elementary science books. Both Botany and Astronomy are now available. You can see samples on the Apologia website here:

These journals are beautiful spiral bound notebooks that will save you time and money. You won't have to print and keep up with your child's notebook pages, buy and maintain page protectors, or purchase and compile binders...everything that makes notebooking time-consuming and labor intensive for mom. Also, your child will adore having their own notebooking journal.

Each of the notebooking journals include:

* A daily schedule for those who like to have a plan or would like their children to complete the book on their own
* Templates for written narrations, the notebooking activities and experiments
* Review Questions
* Scripture Copywork, with both print and cursive practice
* Reading lists and additional activities, projects, experiments for each lesson
* An appendix with beautiful, full-color, lapbook-style Miniature Books
* Field Trip Sheets to keep a record field trips
* A Final Review with fifty questions the students can answer either orally or in writing to show off all they remember and know at the end of the course.

See the sample pages for Botany and Astronomy here.

Jeannie is giving away four Astronomy Notebooking Journals and four Botany Notebooking Journals to bloggers who post about this on their site. Visit her blog to learn more about this contest: jeannies journal

The contest ends in one week on May 29th! That way I'll have the weekend to send them before I go to the Illinois conference.


Adoption - Prayer Request

I was watching a video this morning about orphans
Anyone who knows me, knows that this is a near and dear subject to me. Since I was a little girl, I envisioned being a mother to many. I saw me as a mother with many children of my own and others of different ages, races, etc. I was 7 years old when (I believe) God gave me this vision and desire.
So as you can imagine, the last 3 1/2 years have been heart wrenching for me. I have seen my dreams dashed to nothing and have become hopeless in this.
However, this morning, as I watched this video, the desire is stirred within me again. I'm praying for it, but I don't know how it will come to pass. So please, if the Lord lays it upon your heart, pray for God's will to be done!!!!

God I desire to have more children and be a mother of many, either by natural means (tubal ligation reversal), adoption, or both.
I lack a husband & man of god who also has this vision.
I lack the finances to pay for adoptions.
I lack space and adequate housing to adopt.
However, Father, with You NOTHING is impossible.
Through You NOTHING can fail.
If any of this be Your Will Lord, turn it around in Your favor & for Your glory, and I will walk in Your will!

James 1:27


I'm Digi-Scrapping!!!!

I've begun a new hobby and I'm loving every minute of it.
My dear friend Christine graciously took me under her wing one afternoon and walked me through doing a page (2nd Cakes). Then I attempted to do Precious Easter on my own...WITHOUT watching the videos like she suggested, but trying to go from memory with all that she showed me in that one day. I liked what I did, but I should have listened. Then, after watching the How to videos and going through step-by-step, I was able to complete Monkey Business and Wild Flowers. I love the outcome of those.
I know with practice it will get better, but I'm lovin' it already!!!

Precious Easter - Shabby Princess_Spring Time
Monkey Business - Summer Driggs_Limeade
Wild Flowers - Hummies_Heritage


Its SLAUGHTER Time!!!!

Not for my birds (yet), but a friends. I'm finally going to learn how to do it (weather permitting) this weekend. She has about 28 hens/roosters that need to be processed and she's going to allow me and the kidlets (well, minus Ari) to help and learn.
As mentioned in a previous post, we have guinea eggs in her incubator now and next week I'll add as many chicken eggs as she can give me to that bunch. I'm trying to build up my flock so that I too can process them and add them to the freezer.
Well, that means between now and fall I've got to get a new freezer because that chest freezer I have is entirely too small for the chicken and lamb we'll be butchering at that time.
YUMMY, home grown meat for our consumption without any chemicals! HOORAY!!! I can't wait.
We'll take lots of pictures...ok, well Ari will. She'll be in charge of the little children and the camera! HA HA


This is in my mom's yard...see all the flowers (not edible, that's how you know it's not mine! LOL)
She's had this bird bath for years and I never noticed the painting IN the bird bath. I'm not sure if she did it or bought it like that (I'll find out). I just thought it was so beautiful to look upon. I thoroughly enjoy sitting on her porch watching the birds dip in water for a quick refreshing bath, washing the dust off. Just as the water cleanses the bird after he has dipped several times, so too does the blood of Jesus, washing us and making us as white as snow, so that when the Father looks at us He doesn't see our filthiness, but sees us as new creatures...without spot or blemish.
How quickly we stain ourselves with sin and have to ask for forgiveness and cleansing yet again. But I'm so grateful that He doesn't give up on us and allows us to come back into the folds of His arms and making all things new within!

I love that Jesus is my Savior! If you don't know Him, He longs to be yours too!


The splendor of His Majesty...Holy, Holy, Holy!

Akyra did a wonderful job with the photography part, but when I looked at these
pictures, I was just blown away by how breath taking they really were. Who but God could paint such a magnificent setting? Who could think of just the right colors and put things in such order that it would leave you speechless when you looked upon it? God is an artist too!!! He is so amazing to me. I will never be able to put Him in a box and define Him...He keeps showing out and showing me that He is never to be put in a box. I am finite, He is INFINITE!!!!
Thank you Jesus for that!

Drum Roll Please.................

Meet White Knight (actually looks more like Beethoven) & his brother Kingdom!
Yeah we ended up with two pups that are going to end up being these HUGE dogs,
lovable, but huge.

White Knight

We ended up with two because I will have them both watching and protecting their own flock. WK will be with the chickens, guineas, and turkeys. K will be with the sheep & goats. We are all excited about the newest additions to our family.

Kingdom (Ari named him. My mom has one too, his name is Baron. Notice a theme?)

Kinda makes me think of when I was a little girl. Every time I asked for a little brother or sister, my mom took me to look for a puppy!!! Now here I am near 40 and not able to have more children at this time and I keep bringing home puppies!!!

See what you started mom! LOL

I'm sure there will be more pics to follow as Ari is charging her batteries. I'm going to need to invest in stock with the battery companies! ;-)

Another addition (sorry no pics) is another hen, for a total of 4 now. The neighbor that gave us the first rooster, gave us the hen yesterday. She also has 3-4 more hens for me and I should be getting those next weekend. EXCITING.
We are now getting 2 eggs a day and the newest hen after overcoming the trauma of being moved is also laying so that will be 3 eggs a day. Can't wait to surpass what we used to get a dozen a day!

We also put guinea eggs in the incubator (thanks Vicki for letting me borrow it). She'll have some chicken eggs for me to put in there as well, next week. I'm going to do as many as I can cause these ladies and gentlemen are not just for egg consumption, but also meat.

Speaking of meat, check out the next post! HA HA


White Knight

Some of you may recall that back in February I had posted pictures of the soon to be new member of our family. Well, I was supposed to pick him up in March, but was in the hospital and pretty out of it, so the guy didn't hear from me and figured I changed my mind. Well, I hadn't and was disappointed to find out he had sold him! :-(
I just asked him to call me when the next litter would be ready (towards the end of the summer).
Well, a friend sent an email asking if anyone was interested in a puppy or puppies. I wasn't until I read the next line. They are Pyreneese pups and FREE!!!!
I immediately called and asked her to hold one for me. We go pick him up tomorrow.
We are all so excited! I went and picked out his leash and bowls last night. He'll stay with the chickens so we'll be looking for a dog house this weekend as well.

I'll take pics and post them when we get him home tomorrow.

Enter to Win

Blessed Femina is holding a drawing for a lovely apron, bookmarks, and purse. They are the most adorable items I've seen in a while!!!! Check out her blog and enter to Win!!!


It's the little things

Yesterday as I was getting ready to walk out the door, I remembered my son had prepared my lunch for me to take to work. As I pulled out the containers/lunch box he had put it all in, I noticed he had made my lunch as well as my breakfast. Too sweet!!!
I opened up the containers to see what I had and noticed a note that read:

It's just the little things that let you know how much you are loved. Thanks Adrian, lunch was delicious, and because you made so much, I had lunch yesterday and today as well!!!! Mommy totally appreciates all you do!


My first digi scrap page

With the help of my dear friend, I completed my first digi-scrap page. I'm currently working on my second one on my own...trying to remember half of what she taught me! LOL

Credits: Sunshine in my soul Add-on-Britt-ish Designs

Journaling reads: I can still remember what it felt like each weekend when I came home with another cake I had decorated all on my own. Now to see how excited you all are each weekend is amazing. A new skill you can use in your home for the family God blesses you with, as well as future opportunities. At any rate, it is amazing to see your creativity and the excitement you have each Sat. for the new skill you will learn that day. It is a pleasure and an honor to watch you all blossom before my eyes.
Feb. 14, 2009

Just a few of the favorite people in my life!

I talk about them all the time. I'm so blessed to be their mom and aunt. They each bring such joy to my life and when I think about them, I thank God for blessing me and allowing ME to be a part of their lives.

Mommy loves each of you & Nani loves you too Pudge!!!

My Mother's Favorite Hobby...pay no attention to the music, not my choice

When we lived in apartments, I had pots of various plants. I was always growing something, be it indoors or out. Then when we moved out to the country I gave up flowers for growing food. If we could not eat it, I wasn’t interested in growing it. Then my mom moved next door and she had the space to grow all her favorites, all of which I’m sure I’ll inherit someday (none of my siblings really care for the country life).
Well, with spring in full swing, all her flowers are in bloom and looking beautiful and smelling fragrant. Even the bumble bees and humming birds pay her flowers a visit daily. I think we were able to capture the bee, but not the humming bird.

As I was taking pictures, my daughter was asking me why I was taking pictures of flowers.
I was glad she asked. It was yet another opportunity to share about our Lord & Savior.
I do enjoy being able to see His majesty in His creation. To feel the wind blowing upon my face and see the vibrant colors in the flowers. God, in His infinite wisdom paints a picture of His glory in His creations day by day, and all we have to do is look around and see how awesome and wonderful He is. When we look at the trees in the fields, no man put them there, no man would have been able to fathom such a creation. But to look out at the vastness of this portrait...you can’t help but wonder what Eden must have looked like.
Enjoy and be blessed!


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