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We have had an awesome time with friends in these last two days.

On Sunday, we went to church (which was awesome) and the girls had a leadership meeting they had to attend.  It is awesome to watch God move and work in their lives.  The meeting was not until that evening at 6:30 and we live about an hour away from the church, so going home and returning later was out of the question.  So a dear friend (Adrian's godfather), invited us over to his place to "hang" out until we needed to be back at the church.  We talked and talked and talked, which is what we usually do whenever we get together.  It was fun!!!  I also cut out strips for the quilt I will be working on soon for a gift.  While the girls were at the meeting, Adrian and I visited some more and by the time we picked up the girls, we were all exhausted.

Yesterday I was talking to one of my dearest friends whom I truly love dearly.  She was telling me about the changes she is trying to make within her family.  So they will begin having green smoothies for breakfast this morning.  She couldn't get over the fact that it actually has stuff in it like lettuce, spinach, or even avocado.  I was sharing with her how delicious they are and how much it changed our household and the benefits from drinking them as well.  She was most impressed.  I wished I could go make her at least one so she could get a taste for them and see that the sight is NOTHING like the taste at all.  As we talked further and she sounded more and more unsure of them, I said it again...I really wish I could do the first one for you.  She said you can.
I headed on home, picked up the children and headed to her place.  I made the green smoothies and the girls made the rolls the
Duggars shared with her, Kelly made the taco soup.  The smoothies were a hit!!!  Her children (she has 11 amazing children) were all looking like I had grown another head with this concoction I had made, but they willingly tasted.  One of the girls was not very quick in trying it, but the thing was everyone had to try it.  SHE LOVED IT!!!!  The thing is, with all the fruits, you never taste the green stuff you add.  My other dearest friend has started a green smoothie challenge.  I'm hoping to get back to this soon!!!

We then sat and fellowshipped while enjoying the taco soup and homemade rolls.  Can you say delicious?!  Well it was very satisfying to my tummy! LOL

We had so much dough from the dinner rolls that we used some of it to prep cinnamon rolls for their breakfast this morning, but she surprised us by sending the pan home with us.  It was truly a surprise to me, as she told the girls not to show me until after we had driven down the road a bit...knowing I would not then turn around and take them back at that point.  They followed directions perfectly and as I said, I was pleasantly surprised.

When God places godly friends in your life, don't take them for granted, but love on them and enjoy the times you get to share with them.  This has truly been a highlight in my life and walk with Christ.  When you walk away from the world, God has so much he wants to give you in place of those things from the world.  Friends are one of them!!!  I am so thankful and grateful for them and I love them like family.  


Beth said...

Dear Tasha,
I found your blog by your comment on "Persuaded"'s blog. Don't you just love her?

I agree that good Christian friends are wonderful. I have been praying that God would send me a good lady friend who also homeschools. I often feel alone in this effort often and I am looking forward to Him providing that to me. I'm going to have to join a homeschool group or co op I think!
I'm going to have to try your green smoothie one of these days!
Blessings! Beth

Persuaded said...

Hello Tasha and Beth.. I really wish we all could get together for *real* sometime. And on this side of Glory!
Well, I do cherish all of your friendships even if it is "only" online((hugs))

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