A new hurdle

Today we laid my mothers earthen vessle to rest. There were many tears and yet double the laughter.
Mom will be missed even more than she knew but I ever so grateful for the life lessons as well as all the memories.
Mom taught me to cherish the simple stuff, like finding beauty in rocks and collecting them, gazing at the sunset, or going thrift store shopping. She taught me everything I or my children know about crafts and the creative arts. She was full of praise and a smile even when she was going thru lifes challenges.
As we sat thru her homegoing I saw how many lives she touched and for each of those in attendance, there were about 7-10 unable to attend....she literally had children all around the world.
She was FAR above rubies and loved by many. She was my best friend.

- iTasha

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Love Abounds At Home said...

Such a beautiful picture of your mother :)

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