Update on mom

Well ladies I thank you greatly for your prayers for my mom. She suffered a major stroke along with about 10 min strokes during surgery. We believe she was sitting at the feet of Jesus by late Sunday afternoon.
She's really not breathing on her own. So we've decided not to wait until Friday but to end her suffering and let her body rest. Her spirit afterall is in the presence of Glory. She's already singing with the angels tending the gardens (she had an amazing green thumb), and enjoying her new body.
I believe she was able to lay eyes upon her mother for the first time ever.
We are hurting but at peace. No one can hurt her or cause her pain and she Has no more worries.

- iTasha


Well Watered Woman said...

My prayers and sympathies go out to you and your family.
I understand the place you are at today.
We where in this place a little over a year ago with my dad.
It was a hard decision but we knew it was the right one.
Like my dad, your mom now rejoices at the feet of the Father.


Paula said...

My prayers are with you and your family. I rejoice as you rejoice...mommy is at peace and in the presence of the Father! \o/


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