Food, Inc.

If you haven't seen it, you need to find it on video somewhere and watch it.
It most definitely is a must see.
In my time of laying down resting trying to get over the flu, I did a lot of
movie watching to pass the time.  One of the videos I watched was Food, Inc.

There will be many that won't want to watch it because afterwards they will have
to do something about it.  They will have to change what they eat, where they eat,
and what they buy.  It will demand they take some sort of action and many don't
want to give up some of the conveniences that we have here in the US because
what will be required will be a bit of thought and energy, oh and elbow grease, to
do something different.

My gut reaction was I'm on the right track, but I've got to get serious about what I'm
doing and step it up several notches.  Yes, I'm growing some of our food, but I've
got to get serious to where I am growing 60-75% of our food.  Is this possible?
I have chickens and should be acquiring sheep within the next week to month, but I
can't stop there, I've got to increase the flock and acquire goats for our milk as well.
I've got to get as serious about what I put on my table as I do about what we watch and
hear on the tv and radio.  I've got to get as serious about what we eat as I am about our
spiritual growth.

What will you do?

I know what I will be doing...stay tuned and you will see as time goes that we will be
buying, processing, and eating out own food; going to the store for very little.

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Persuaded said...

I know I should watch this movie... but I hesitate to watch it as well. It has lots about the mistreatment of animals in the meat/dairy industry doesn't it? I can't bear watching anything like that. I hate that we are so cruel and heartless just to satisfy our stomachs. That's why I try to buy my meat and dairy products from sources that I know are reputable... when I can afford it, that is!


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