Gotta Praise!!!!


Yesterday evening my oldest daughter was offered and accepted a nanny job that we KNOW will go through March.  Things will be reevaluated then to see if the lady will continue to work full time.

Ariante` is 18.  She will graduate in Dec.  She's been wanting a job for the past 5 years to help her mamma out and save for her schooling/missions trips through Christ For the Nations.  She will now be able to take over 2 bills and save.  This job will not only provide for her, our family, but also prepare her to be a wife/mom one day.  she will be cleaning and caring for a baby as well.  She's totally excited!!!

Also, my 17 year old, Akyra will be working part time (at least through Dec.) and she will take over half a major bill.  She will basically be a mother's helper.  She too will be learning even more to care for a home, cleaning and organizational skills, etc.  (It's a good thing I insisted they learn these things at home)!

We are all very excited and praising God for His provisions.

It takes our needs from $1100 a month down to $700 a month.  As we evaluate their pay, that may go down even further!!!!!

Can you say PRAISE THE LORD????  I AM!!!!!!!!

Also, a dear friend posted our needs on her website.  It was unknown to me until afterwards and she asked me to not be mad at her.  I'm not mad, but I am just amazed at the outpouring of love from others in Christ.  Someone is bringing us food, material so I can sew me some dresses and skirts, we've been offered various places to stay when they do come to get this home, etc.  It is just mind boggling to me how when the body of Christ comes together, needs are met.

The question then arises in my mind, if the body of Christ would come together on a regular basis like this, could we eliminate the struggles of single mama's?  Could we help the homeless more?  Instead of counting on the world to do for HIS children, we come together and do our parts....we really could be world changers!


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