Every year I think the summer will be a slower pace for us and I'll get to take a deep breath and well, just be still.  At some point I'll get it in my head that this is not the case and won't be for a long time to come.

I'm currently unemployed and looking for work, plus we are having to look for a home and that in itself is a job.  Both are equally frustrating.  No one seems to be hiring and yet I keep hearing that companies are hiring.  And no one seems to want to rent to us because of our 2 large dogs!  UGHHHHHHH

I've also been busy making swimsuits for me and my girls.  This morning I completed mine after my sewing machine kept giving me fits.  I finally had to take the time and play around with my serger and get it running properly and finish the suit with it!  I'll be completing the third and final suit with my serger as well.

I've also begun a rolling tally of various quilt projects I want to complete, many of them for the Thanksgiving and Christmas holiday.  So in the days, weeks, and months to come, I will be busy trying to get those things wrapped up and also hopefully sewing some new items for my new newest niece or nephew to be come February 2012!!!  I'm praying for a niece, nephews are overtaking me....though I wouldn't trade not one of them for anything in the world.

Ok, going to bed now, it's late in the morning and we have church in just a few hours!

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Angie said...

Missy is pregnant again??

Love you girl...busy is a Godly thing... Proverbs 31



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