Still Around...

I've not stopped reading the book, just took a semi break for the holidays and I read the rest of chapter 2 this morning.  I'm just meditating on what I've read today, as well as a conversation I had with a dear friend this afternoon.

She and I text often and as she asked how she could pray for me, I told her my desire to move and to have a decent home for me and my children.  She called me today and said something that has had me thinking ever since.  "Your vision is not big enough."

She said there is nothing wrong with what your desires are and God knows your desires and wants to fulfill them.  However, His word clearly says in Matthew 6:33: Seek first the kingdom of heaven and His righteousness and all these things will be added to you also.
Talk about a way to stop you in your tracks and make you take a look at how you have been viewing things...

She said, look at your life and how you can minister to His children.  Hmmmmmm, take my eyes off of me and my circumstances and put them elsewhere.  Is this coincidental that my eldest daughter said we should find somewhere to serve others this Christmas????
I think not!

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