Blog Decisions

I'm not happy with the direction my blog has been going lately.  I want to keep it real, but I also want God to shine forth from my posts more and more.  In other words, I want to show more of Him and less of me.  I want my posts to be more encouraging and uplifting.  I want people to want to read my blog and walk away feeling that they were enlightened, not depressed or thinking woe is Tasha.  I will continue to post about the happenings around here and I will continue to keep it real, but there will be more posts that point you to Jesus.

This also means that God will have to do a work in my heart.  Turning my heart from hopelessness to hopeful, depression into joy, gloom into vitality and life.

Please pray as I begin to learn how to let God use my mind, heart, and hands to convey His heart to those that follow my blog and that lives will be changed and transformed because of it.

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