God speaks in profound ways

In light of my marital situation, I had no desire to pray for my husband or even call him my husband for that matter. But I read in a magazine about a homeschool family that puts everyones name in a cup and they draw names and pray for that particular person throughout the day. Well, I got the bright idea that we should give it a try. And we did.

Mind you I had just previously told the Lord I couldn't pray for J any longer. If he wanted to walk away then so be it.

To my amazement, I picked his name 6 days out of the first 7. I grudginly prayed for him each day asking for all the things I wanted to see changed in his life. Finally I asked the Lord to give me the words to pray for J, otherwise my prayers would continue to be selfish ones. The Holy Spirit gave me one word "SURRENDER". At once I felt peace envelope me. I prayed for J's complete surrender of everything and then I prayed it for me as well. I know divorce is not God's will, but he did give us all free will.

So I will continue to pray that the both of us surrender to God's perfect will for our lives and our family. Should we choose to follow our own free will, I know that God will see us through.

By the way, since I prayed on that particular day for that specific thing, I have not gotten his name again. Hmmmmm, could it be that the Lord set it up for me to get his name until I did finally pray for him the way HE wanted me to? With God there are no coincidences and nothing just happens, so let's just say it was His will.

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