Cobbler, Cobbler, mmmmmm so sweet!

We did it! We made a blueberry cobbler and raspberry cobbler. They were both a hit. We had a piece of both just to test them out. Well we had bigger than test pieces of the blueberry cobbler. Tonight we will devour the raspberry cobbler.

I took it out of the oven and let it set for a short bit, PrincessAD put it in bowls and placed a heap of ice cream on each slice. You know when it's all hot and steamy the ice cream just melts all over it.

And then we all took our first bite. Delicious!!

We could not be very vocal because we were also trying to watch a movie. But let's just say when the children woke up this morning they all asked if they could have a piece for breakfast.

Of course I had to be mommy and dash their hopes with a resounding NO. That didn't stop them, they asked for a piece at lunch time too.

So needless to say, the cobbler was a hit!!!

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