Why didn't I think of that?

I got the great idea from my good friend C to let my children create a blog to express themselves. I thought it would not only improve their writing skills (not writing per say) and also be able to express themselves.

So I let them each sit with me and begin to create it and choose the template and so forth. They had a ball. I then let them each sit down and write their first blog entry. It was fun to watch them type away and really get into it. They had such excitement and enthusiasm for this "new" thing called blogging.

Well then I couldn't let them have one and I not have one. Right? So maybe I will also be able to loosen up a bit and express myself.

My friend C should write a book. When you read her blogs she expresses herself so clearly, it's like you are right there in her home experiencing what she is saying. Or maybe it's just the way I create images in my head since I am a visual person.

We will see what neat things we all come up with on Monday.

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