Green Smoothies Anyone?

My youngest DD made Green Smoothies this morning.

It is a joy to me to see her jump in and create a new "concoction" every time. No smoothie has been the same since we began making them earlier this year. In fact, today's smoothie contained carrots for the first time and celery. Yummy!!!

We've tried them with berries, but I don't think any of us really care for the seeds we have to deal with when we drink the smoothie. We really like bananas and peaches in our smoothies, but what is the most fun is trying out different veggies to see what flavor we get.

We did create a smoothie we will NEVER try again. We got the brilliant idea of putting in a grapefruit. YUK!!!!!!! And I would have to agree with my children on that one. Talk about bitter. It was down right nasty. Needless to say, no amount of honey or fruit added to it could tone the bitterness down. So take our word on it, unless you like bitter, grapefruit is not for smoothies.

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