What are your resolutions for the new year?

We all want to lose weight, eat healthy, save more money, spend less, spend more time with those we love, be a better person, etc. And there is nothing wrong with any of those things at all. It's said that it only takes 3 days to get into the habit of doing something.
I think at this point, I've seen in my life that this is simply not true for most things.
It must be a decision you make to "finally" make changes in your life for whatever reason and then find someone to help hold you accountable.
I think that accountability thing is my problem. I keep finding people that say they will hold me accountable and then they renig. Or they ask me to hold them accountable and then get upset with me when I do.
Well, on any note, I'm resolving to get closer to God, find out who I am in Christ, find out who God is, and truely become a disciple of Christ. I'm also resolving to teach my children how to study the Word for themselves and how to hear from God. We, my children and I, will hold each other accountable by having evening discussions about what we read earlier in the day. We will be using the Bible Study/Prayer Journal format listed earlier.
What does this have to do with standing for your marriage? Well, when you truely know God for yourself and He becomes your everything, including your husband, you are a brighter light for your husband and others too. You can lead others to Christ by your example sometimes more than with your words. That is my hope and desire. But you will begin to see your husband as God sees him. I once prayed this about my husband and immediately God gave me a vision of a little boy, balled up in a corner, crying. He saw my husband as a litttle boy in need of love and acceptance. I never shared that with my husband, but some days later his words to me were "I just want to be accepted for who I am, love me for me". AMAZING!!!
What life lasting changes will you make for God?

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