The Awesomeness of God

I have to say, the Lord has been good to me. Mind you He has answered prayers in the last few days, but even if He hadn’t, He has still been good to me.

We have a house and boy let me tell you how God worked that one out. A very dear friend asked if we could watch her children on Mon. evening so she could attend a

Ladies Bible Study. I love her children, so I try very hard not to ever say no when she

Asks us to care for them. Anyway, she comes to pick them up later that night and is looking around at all the boxes in my dining room. She asked if I had found a place to live yet and if I knew for sure when they would be repossessing the house. I have no

Clue to either question. But just ask for continued prayer that God will lead me to the

Place HE has in mind for us.

Tue. Afternoon I get an email from her and she has a single wide mobile home that they

Would be letting go into repossession. However, she thought of me. I knew when I finished reading her email that it was my house. The peace within my spirit was so strong. I just knew it and began to thank God for it, even before I saw pictures of it.

Fri. she emails me pictures of the house. It is the EXACT same color as the double wide I am in now!!!!! The flooring in the bathroom is EXACTLY what I have now. It has been so awesome to see!!!! Now to make arrangements for the double wide to be picked up and the single wide moved into its spot and all connections made for water and electricity.

Well, to say the least, I am in AWE of God and what He has done and how He has done it. I didn’t fret until that Mon. night. But Tue. Morning, I looked at all those boxes and said Lord you promised you would supply all our needs and we need a house. If you don’t supply it, me and my children will be out on the streets. Now isn’t it just like God.

I can only imagine Him in heaven saying “Whoa, she just reminded me of what MY WORD says. I’m obligated to move on her behalf. I’ve got to bless my princess with a home. I’ve got to do this because not only is she My child, but she returned MY WORD to me and I said it would not return void.”

That brings me to a point….yeah, you knew I was going to get to one! LOL

We’ve been learning in church how to take control of our world back from the enemy. And one of them is to be obedient to HIS word, but to also remind God of His word to us as His children. We love to give good gifts to our children. Now how much more does our heavenly Father want to do for us…His children? So, I’ve been learning how to pray scriptures and remind Him of His word. I’m learning to be obedient to His word because if I’m not, He is not obligated to do as He has said.

Yesterday at Family VBS we learned that there are 8000 promises in the Word of God. Some are conditional promises and others are unconditional promises. We were in Phil. 4:19. And my God shall supply all your needs according to His riches and glory in Christ Jesus. The pastor teaching said, we all as Christians like to claim that scripture as OURS, but we fail to read the two verses preceding verse 19. This is a conditional promise.

We don’t want to give…whatever it may be, tithes, material items, etc. We are always looking at how we can benefit. If we sell this or that, then we have money in our pockets…and this is all fine, don’t get me wrong, but we hold our fists closed tight and don’t want to let out the 10% He has asked of us. We would rather have a cursed 100% than a blessed 90%. This hit home for me, as I am learning (all over again) to be a tither and trust God to meet my needs. I have to tell you, in Malachi 3:10, He tells us to try Him in this, and I have seen Him unlock and open doors that had been closed to me.

Last nights message was so profound to me. I’ve seen God do some mighty things in my life. I’ve cleaned out all my children’s closest and drawers, year after year, given the clothes to the local women’s shelter and had no clue where I was going to get them clothes for the next season. BUT GOD, has provided bags and boxes of clothes each time, even more than what we gave away. I have seen that when I tithe, I didn’t have enough to pay bills afterwards, BUT GOD, has allowed me to get extensions that the companies don’t want to really give, people being impressed by the Holy Spirit, to give financially to my family. I have seen that when we gave food for a local food drive, and we had bread, peanut butter, and jelly to eat ourselves, that we some how ate that and were satisfied or others were cleaning out their freezers and discarding perfectly good food that they just didn’t want or have room for anymore. No one can tell me that MY God does not supply our needs.

I’ve heard so many people object to giving their tithes and offerings because “they don’t know what that preacher is doing with all the money”. And yet they wonder why they are never prospering financially, emotionally, health wise, relationship wise. Well the pastor hit the nail on the head last night. We are to obey God’s Word, God is then obligated to fulfill His promises to us. If you obey, then you are not responsible for what anyone does with the money. You aren’t held accountable for what they do, only for what you do. Then I read Ps. 92:7 this morning. The wicked spring up like grass (in all their evil doing and disobedience to Gods Word), all the workers of iniquity flourish (for a time it seems), But God…It is that they may be destroyed forever.

How my heart aches for those that are lost and far removed from our precious heavenly Father. He loves us so much and wants to bless us so much, but we block it with willful disobedience.

I’ve so much more to say, so much more on my heart, but I must go eat lunch for now. Be on the look out for part II. ;-> Coming soon to my blog!!! LOL

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