Remember YOUR Word...

Remember Your word to Your servant Lord, for You have given me hope. Psalms 119:49

Last night, at FVBS, was just as good as the first night, if not better. Pastor Cymbala, from the Brooklyn Tabernacle was speaking. I’ve never heard him before, but he was excellent. His teaching method is different than any other I’ve heard before. Calm, soothing, and serene, yet captivating.

Anyway, he spoke on the scripture above. A prayer calling for God to remember the Word He spoke and had given as a promise and how that promise had given hope. Basically it is saying, Lord you gave me a word and gave me hope, are you going to take it from me now and not fulfill it?

How many times have you asked that very question? If I’m being honest with myself and you, I have to admit that just a few weeks ago I was asking that very question.

You see, as a little child, God gave me a vision. I say it was a vision from God for various reasons, but one of them is: how many 7 year olds do you know that desires to have many children and sees them sitting around the table eating and having devotions? Not just many children, but many children of different races and ethnicities; orphaned children. How many 7 year olds sees themselves as the mother to these many children?

I’ve had this dream, desire, and passion to be a mother to many children for ever. I’ve envisioned living on my own “hundred acre woods” with a life of peace and tranquility for children that no one wanted, teaching them to be self sufficient, living off the land.

Then I began to look at my marital situation, my tubes are tied, and I’m working full-time and my very words were, “Lord, why did you give me a passion and burning in my heart for this if you were just going to let it be a vision that never comes into fruition?”

Yet, I look at my current housing situation and I see that God is setting it up to bring it all to pass. I didn't see that 3 years ago or even 3 months ago, but I can see it and understand it now.

I don’t know when He will allow it to be tangible, nor do I know how. I do know that I once again have the vision, the burning, yearning, and desire for this to be in my life. I so want to be a mother to many. They may not be my children from my womb and I’m fine with that, but to know that God has and will entrust me with children to raise up for His glory and His kingdom agenda is humbling because I know I am no where near worthy or capable.

What vision or dream has God given you that you have yet to see come to pass? Remind Him of that dream and the hope that it gave you! He wants us to remind Him of what He said, not that HE forgot, but that we are standing on His word in faith, for He does nothing outside of faith. It pleases Him when we have uninhibited faith in HIM and Him alone!!!

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