Confessions, can be so hard/humbling

I've been reading Deut. 5 & 6,and Psalms 139 for the past week now. The children will have a "contest" to see who knows all of the 10 Commandments; they are doing really well. But this morning, as my sister and I were driving in to work, God began to weigh heavy on my heart. I had to get quiet and just mull over what He was saying. I didn't sit in the car and get in my Word as I had been, I quickly came into the office. I wasn't trying to escape (as if one could), I just wanted to be ALONE with what God had laid on me.
The Israelites had been wandering around in the wilderness. They took a 40 year journey that should have only taken 11 days. They grumbled and complained, tore each other down with their words and ridiculed Moses for their plight. I wonder, did they ever realize they were their worst enemy? Did they realize that satan was using them as a pawn and they were falling for the trap?
Well, with God's words bouncing around in my mind and upon my heart I sent the apology below to my sister:
I owe you a huge apology. I know that it is clearly written in His Word
Ex. 20:12
Deut. 5:16
Matthew 15:4, 19:19
Mark 7:10, 10:19
Luke 18:20
Ephesians 6:2
to honor (respect; not because it is earned, but because it is commanded of BY GOD. Kinda like we love Him because He first loved us) your father and your mother. I have not done accordingly and for that I owe you such a huge apology. It is not honoring anytime I have spoken a word against mom. I am clearly instructed to take all my cares to Him (who can do something about it) and leave it at the Mercy seat. I have not done this. I realize that in not obeying this command I have been the enemies pawn and the tool with which he can/will use to cut my life short. Since I desire to live a long life, I've confessed before God and now you that I was wrong. Please accept my apology. I am to use my words to build up and edify, not grumble, moan, groan,and complain. Again, if I take these things to Christ, who can move mountains, then He will do all He promised to do (and this is for any situation).

your sister

Man, I'm so glad God loves me enough to show me where I mess up and then He takes the time to show me how to fix it and make it right. And through it all...He still loves me. I don't know what else He will bring to my attention just from reading these chapters, but I know it will only be for my good because He wants the very best for me. He is not any different than an earthly father chastising his children, His love/forgiveness is just GREATER!!!!

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sisterlighthouse said...

WOW! I am proud of you Woman of GOD! Confessions are very hard, but once you've done it...ALL...of self dies and CHRIST can begin to replace those areas. And you become a model for others! If we don't go through the trail, the hard time, the selfishness and the greed, WE GIVE GOD NO OPPURTUNITY TO TEACH US....TO MOLD US...TO GUIDE US! As long as you continue to: seek Him, and listen for His voice, ALL those things (YES ALL) shall be added unto you!


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