The House Saga Continues

I thought we would have our home moved by Monday Aug. 4th, but it seems it is not to be.

So here is the plan, please be in prayer that if this is the Lords will, all will go smoothly.

The mortgage company has arranged for the double wide to be moved at the end of Aug. I need to speak with them to see if they will hold off at least until the 3rd or 4th of Sept.

My home (single wide) is scheduled to be moved the 2nd of Sept.

I did get discouraged for a moment and shed some tears, buttttttttttttttttttttt You know God!

This is not a surprise to Him, but to me only. Therefore, if this was not a surprise to Him that means He already had a plan worked out and now I just need to walk in that plan.

So with that realization, that is where I took a deep breath.

Now, with the fees that need to be paid this week, I will have some money left over to purchase the paint for the interior of the home.

Then I can make the payment in Sept. for the home to be moved. I will have a day (maybe 2) to paint ALL the walls before the other home is picked up. (Anyone up for a painting party????);-)

This does mean that the AC will not get connected until Oct., but prayerfully things will be cooling down and we won't need the AC much. Prayerfully, fans will be enough to keep us cool as we wait. Besides we have been without air before and God was gracious then as well.

This also means that the funds aren't available to purchase school books for the children until Oct. So their new school year won't start until then, but thank God for home-schooling because you can start on your own schedule. Thankfully they have things to complete from the previous curriculum that will carry them over until then.

All I know is God is good and more than able to work this out for my good!!!! He keeps on showing Himself as True and Loving. He's got my back!

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