How to Memorize Scripture:

1. Pick your topic- write it on the corner of a 3x5 index card
Once you have picked your topic.

2. Write all references in order from Old to New Testament pertaining to that topic on the card. JUST the references NO VERSES YET!!

3. Memorize References in Order

4. WALK As you work- walk as you try to memorize the references- if you sit not as much oxygen reaches the brain... walk as you try to memorize!

5. Write the verses to each reference on a separate card! Write by hand, not type... writing them yourself- will start the process of memorizing the scripture.

6.Repetition is the key to learning- Keep at it!

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Momofsix said...

Truly Repetition- I have learned that and test myself regularly! Helps me to feel with each word I memorize I am drawing that much closer to the Lord.

I love you!


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