First Week of School

I have put this off as long as I could. I wanted to let everyone know how well things were going. Last week was a blessed week of life and school. All three of my children were so glad to get started back with our schooling. Of course they miss mama not being there all day, but they are maturing so well.
I could not believe how well they did with their Bible Study and how much they enjoyed it. We also started doing some Bible reading together as a family and I gave them each portions of scripture to read. Now let me tell you, not all of them were reading up to par. It was a slow progression, but when each of them read on Mon. evening, I was blown away. What blew me out the water was not only their readiness and eagerness for reading the Word together, but their level of reading, their fluency, their pronunciation, and sounding out words they weren’t familiar with.
Now, before I ever began home-schooling, I went to school. I read all the books I could get or request from other local libraries and I researched on the internet for hours & days, until I finally felt some comfort in the task I was about to take hold of. I knew what it all said, and yet, when it happened to my children, I panicked. I read about boys and their stages of development in reading and math, I read about the various learning styles and how they affect the learning of children. I didn’t push or force, I just let it happen naturally.
AMAZING is all I have to say. Now I watch and listen as my son really is enjoying math. No more tears. I listen as one of my daughters read and the words just spilled forth from her mouth…it astonished even her, the confidence she showed in herself.
God is so good to answer prayers…if anyone doubts (as I do sometimes), God is good and faithful to do just what He promised. If we will be about His business, He will definitely be about our business.(more thoughts on that quote later)
There have been some bumps along the way in just the first week of school, no different than when we used the Bible as our entire curriculum; except for math. Satan does not like it when we are sold out for Christ and trying to get closer to Him.
So overall, week one was wonderful.

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