Yes, I am on a roll today.
I love how God just gives me tidbits here and there. The only difference this time is I am sharing them as He constantly instructs me.
Last night as we were on our way home from church, my son sitting in the back seat said "mom, Obama is president and I know you didn't vote for him, but does that mean if one day I wanted to, I could become president"? My response...ABSOLUTELY!!!
Now, I've told him this all 13 years of his life, nothing changed with that. But for a child to hear one thing and see another speaks volumes.
My son knows why I voted the way I did, but he never thought it possible for a man of his color to become anything close to president. Now he can hope and dream bigger than he has before.
So you may not have voted for him, may not believe as he does, but think of how many black boys (and girls) now believe that ANYTHING is achievable. Sometimes they just need to be able to see it tangibly to believe it.

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