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Ok, you all know who I voted for, but someone said something on the radio yesterday as I was heading home that just made me stop and think and get very honest with myself.

Now during Bush’s 2 terms as our president, I prayed for him more times than I can count or remember, but not often enough.
And yes, we must pray for Obama; that he would hear from the Lord and follow Him, etc.

But I got curious. Sooooooooooooooooooooooo many have complained about what he did wrong and his father, they praise Clinton even though his morality went out the window. But instead of criticizing what he (Bush) did or did not do or how you disliked him, How many times did you pray for Bush?
How many times did you lift him up before the Throne and ask God to lead him and guide him, protect him, etc?

We are called to pray for those in authority. I challenge you to do that for Obama, our local, state, and national leaders. Stop complaining, fearing/trembling, and realize that God is still on the Throne. He didn’t leave when Obama was elected. He knows what He is doing. Stop leaning on your own understanding and trust that God will do what He said He would do and you as a child of God will be protected for He is our refuge!!!!

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