November 4 - Election Day!

WARNING: Do NOT take this opportunity to bash me.
If at any point you have an issue with how I voted, please take that up with Jesus!

Well, the day has finally arrived. The candidates have been on this trail for at least the last 2 years and it all comes down to 1 day and millions of voters.
Either way it goes, whoever becomes President; this day will go down in history. The first woman holding the office of Vice-President or the first black holding the office of President.

I casted my vote this morning and am glad to have gotten that over with. I am most grateful for the opportunity and privilege to vote and don’t take it for granted one bit, but I am obnoxiously glad that this day is here period. I’m tired of all the slander and back-biting, and lies that always circulate around during any kind of election time.

Some have asked how I would vote, others just sent emails that assumed they knew how I would vote (sometimes to the point of offense).
I can say that when I first started exercising my right to vote, I didn’t pay attention to all the news and mud slinging that would go on. I voted for whom I “liked”. Well, I have to say I have matured much in many areas, to include politics. I won’t profess to know everything about politics, but I’ve learned to pay attention and to do my best to find out what the candidates really stand for.

So, I voted my beliefs, convictions, values, and principals. It is my duty to vote this way as a Christian. I am well aware that no one candidate completely represents God. But I feel at peace with the one I voted for.

I am also very aware that the majority (please note I did NOT say everyone) of the black community may be voting for Obama. Unfortunately I believe that most of them are looking at the color of his skin and I think this is a great injustice. Many are not voting McCain because he of what Bush has done or the Republican Party (holding one man accountable for what another does or did)and still I think of this as a great injustice.

What do they stand for? What are their beliefs? What are the issues they stand behind? What morals or values do they uphold?

When I broke it down in this manner, I had a hard time considering voting for Obama. Financial and economic issues are an extremely important matter to me, but the sanctity of life and marriage, I believe are the foundation of it all. I believe that God will honor that. And getting the greedy out and stop over spending will be a plus in the right direction of the financial woes/economics…I didn’t say it would solve it but it is a start. I also took into consideration that several Supreme Court Judges would be elected during this term. Fact has it that the judges are usually chosen based on the beliefs of the current president. I have a lot at stake raising children in the land of the free. When speaking out against what God calls wrong could/would become a crime, I can’t vote for someone that leans in that direction. So that was another deciding factor. Now of course there were many, many, more but if I name them all my post would take you a few hours to read…so those are just a few.

However, if it all came down to one thing, AMERICA has gotten far from God and continuing to remove Him from more of our structure is NOT going to make things better, I don’t care who the president is.

So my bottom line is this, regardless to which you voted for, God is in control. None of this will catch Him by surprise and He doesn’t look at the outward appearance of any of the candidates. He will also use whoever is president as the tool with which to accomplish what He wrote out before time existed.

On that note, I voted for McCain. May the man God choose be the one that will fall on his knees, repent/confess, and turn from his ways and back to God. May he lead this country back towards God, that we may sincerely ask God to bless America and He will hear us and do just that. Otherwise, if the next president goes out on his own or tries to please the people rather than God, we are all in for a bumpy ride of judgment.

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