History has been made!

Well history has been made. We have our first black president in office, something I never thought I would see in my life time.
My brothers and sisters in Christ, regardless to who you voted for, please understand and remember that this president has no power that God does not give him. He has no authority that God has not ordained for him. And when it is all said and done, God is still in control!

Of course as you know, from my previous post, the candidate I chose did not get elected. But I am honored to live within a democracy where we can all freely vote. I keep in mind that I am not held accountable by man for the way I voted, but by God. I also am reminded that no matter what Obama does during his term, God will hold him accountable for how he leads HIS people.

Does Obama stand for all that I believe in? No.
Does Obama stand for all that God spoke in His Word? No.
But guess what, neither did or does McCain.
However, as a Christian, I can stand up for God's truths. We can no longer be passive Christians, sitting by and just allowing the world to move around us while we stay huddled within our safe congregations and belief systems. We did that and prayer was removed from schools. We did that and gay marriages are taking place. We did that and parental rights are being challanged. We must stand for God's truths and do all we can to let His light shine.

So whether your candidate won yesterday or not, remain humble and put all hope in God, not in man. We must do what we can for the one who was elected. We can pray. Please join me in 77 days of prayer for Obama up until his inauguartion. Lets not stop there, lets continue to pray for him throughout his presidency. We need a leader who will turn his heart to God and will listen and do all God directs him to do. Otherwise, whoever the leader would have been or is, still fails miserably if they aren't following God.

Let us all remember that it is IN GOD we still trust. No man can turn America around without Him. God can use any man He chooses for His will and purpose and that includes you and me, and it includes our president.

What should we all be praying for, first check out Daniel 9:3-19

Then check out what John Piper had to say about these elections.

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