Coincidence? I don't think so!

For those that don’t believe in God or believe in “some higher power”, they would say that things that happen are good luck, bad luck, karma, or coincidences. However, for those of us that have chosen to believe in a Risen Savior and Creator of all things, we would say that Nothing Just Happens!!!!
Well, as I continue with my praises of what God is doing in our lives, I have to tell you that when my children called and said the power was NOT on in the other home, I was at first disappointed. Man, me and my selfishness!!!
So I get home and I look around. They wired their end, you can clearly see that. All looks to be in order. I walk around to the back of the double wide and sure enough, the meter is still there and walk back to the single wide and sure enough there is no meter there. I looked up and said, Ok God, you know what is best for us and I’m going to trust you. I’m walking around the house and I’m thinking…WHY am I disappointed? The single wide will have no heat. The double wide has heat. The temperature is supposed to get down in the 20’s and we’ll at least be warm tonight. WHAT is wrong with me? WHY was I disappointed? Because now at this point I begin to praise Him for loving us that much and being concerned that we would be cold, that HE chose to postpone the transition one more night…the coldest night of the season so far. Then I began to laugh, because Papa really does care and I was acting like a spoiled brat…wanting things my way, in my time.
Then my oldest daughter runs to the door. Mom, a man from the electric company is on the phone for you. I run (literally) in the house. I’m out of breath and I answer. It’s the guy that came out to look over what was done the day before. The other guys couldn’t find his tools where I told him I would leave them. While we are on the phone I said sir, was something wrong, because they didn’t put the meter on the other house? He said well they thought you wanted the meter to stay on the double wide and a new meter on the single wide. I explained that they will be picking up the double wide soon and we just wanted them to transfer it. He said oh, because for whatever reason they left out of the office without meters in their truck, so they were going to have to go back tomorrow (which is today). I said well, no need for a new meter; just have them transfer the other one. Not a problem, they’ll do it first thing in the morning. Ok, now what about the $50 charge for them coming back a second time? Oh, no charge ma’am, it was our error and misunderstanding. We’ll take care of it. And with that we said good-bye and I began to praise HIM all the more.
You see, those things were not just coincidental, happenstance, or luck. That was my Heavenly Father loving on me and my children. Saying put it in My hands and trust Me to do what is best for you. I love you with unfailing love and as My child I only want good things for you.
So we made dinner, talked for a bit, watched a little TV (yeah we’ve been indulging more this week; until transition is over) ;-) and then we went to bed in the warmth as we listened to the sleet on the windows.
Who but God could have orchestrated that so perfectly??!! I never could have in a million years. He’s just good like that!!! I mean, they work for the electric company and never leave without the proper materials they need, but on this day, they leave without meters? Nope, not just coincidental…that was all God!!!

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