Lazy Monday

Oh how I wish I were home with my children. It's so cold outside and I have many things I would love to be doing right now. However, I'm here at work, the children are home finishing up Christmas gift projects, and I'll go home this evening and call it an early night.

Christmas is just 3 days away and for the FIRST time ever, I'm not dashing about worrying about getting gifts and such. Finances have caused us to put our gift exchange on hold till January of '09. So on Christmas day, we will mostly focus on Jesus and being together as a family. We'll read about Jesus birth in the Bible, make cookies, drink cocoa, watch movies, SLEEP ;-), and talk. I have no idea what kind of meal we will have. I don't know what I want to cook. No one in my house wants turkey this year. I've got my New Year's meal planned, but no ideas cross my mind for Christmas!!!

I've gotten lots of great ideas for our Christmas' to come (if the Lord says the same). I had planned to do 3 gifts for each child and then after talking to several ladies and finding out that they do this because the Bible mentions 3 gifts that Christ received, I have decided that we will be switching to this as well. This will cause me to think carefully about the gifts I want to give them and make them really meaningful gifts. Everyone knows that books are my all time favorite, so my children will get a book to add to their collection. I want them to have books from days gone by, but that they will love to read over and over again. We'll also start a Christmas stocking for Jesus, which we will fill with letters of praise and adoration to HIM! Then, we'll do a birthday cake for Jesus, only ours will most likely become a pie (I'm not a big cake eater). I so would like to be able to adopt a family and buy a gift or two for that family. We also missed the deadline to do the shoebox gift for a child, so we will do that next year as well. In fact, for that one, we are gonna start buying a small gift each month so by Nov. we will be done with gifts for a boy and a girl.

I have to tell you, it is such a relief to not be out and about, rippin' and runnin' searching and buying gifts. To just relax and focus on the true meaning of Christmas!!! I'm lovin' it. Also to know that future Christmas, I only need to focus on 3 gifts per child...that takes a huge weight off my shoulders as well. Hmmmmmmmmm, now to find a few traditions for birthdays. Any ideas or suggestions? Leave me a comment and share.

Have a blessed Christmas!

What other traditions do you have as a family? Please share!!!

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