We Have Water, The House Is on the Move!!!

Well, things are STILL coming together. I had many plans for this past weekend, but not one of them transpired.
I woke up on Saturday morning with Joseph at the door, ready to put in the water/septic lines. As we did when we first moved to the country, I got out there and helped dig and cover up the lines as he got them connected and laid in the ground. Digging & Covering up…not fun at all!!!! But well worth the convenience of having water in our home. No more hauling the water from one house to the other. No more going into the other house to use the restroom. You do what you must do, but oh when you have the convenience back, it is a HUGE relief.
I turned the water on shortly after it was connected and was overwhelmed with how we take things for granted. We take it for granted that we will always be able to turn the knob and have water flow from the faucet. We take it for granted that we will always be able to flip a switch and have lights. We take it for granted that we can take a bath and use the restroom in the comfort of our own homes. When you stop and think about our ancestors and realize that they had no switches, no faucets, and no toilets; we are truly blessed and take these things for granted.

Then by Saturday evening my son is feeling not so great and running a fever. There go my plans to attend church. Ok, this will be the 2nd Sunday in a row to miss. Bummer!!!!!
Well, now with running water, I spent the day cleaning EVERYTHING…there was a layer of dust a mile thick. (I haven’t figured out where this dust is coming from but it’s there)
I wash every stitch of laundry that needed to be washed, including sheets and blankets. Then I mopped the kitchen floor. It looked like a brand new floor! LOL
It was so white and clean. I stayed up way to late rearranging the living room and getting the children set up with space for their school work and their computers. They will each have their own since they will have several subjects that will require the use of the computer and I didn’t want to have to deal with scheduling who would be on the computer at what time…God is good in that I only purchased one computer, one was given to us, along with an extra monitor and I need to purchase only one more CPU tower. Then they are all set. Oh…I’ll upgrade the memory and install new CD Rom Drives and that’s it!!!

Monday proved to be another SURPRISE! The mortgage company was to call and let me know the date they had arranged to pick up the double wide mobile home. UGHHHHHHHH,
They didn’t! So as I was sitting down to eat my breakfast burrito, I notice these large trucks in the front yard. Then it dawns on me…they are here to take the house. Thank God it was a holiday and I was off or else I would not have known a thing until I got home from work. They begin to work and get things taken care of and then as my daughter is on the phone SNAP goes the phone line and I am livid. I put the new line in myself, so that’s no big deal. What made me mad was I had just walked around the home telling them that EVERYTHING was connected to the single wide NOT the double wide. They clearly said they all understood and one guy rips the phone line out and then uses the cord to wrap around the door knob and hold the door open so they could throw the skirting from around the house inside. When I asked him why would he do this, he was very rude and asked me what did it matter it was no longer mine anyway. Clearly he was clueless to the fact that the telephone line was not to that house. Anyway I was livid and they ended up calling the owner out and he came to oversee the remainder of the work. As I talked to the owner towards the end of the day, I learned that the guy who pulled the line is the owners brother. So because of his rudeness, they cleaned up the area, which they don’t usually do. I was most grateful for that because it was a lot to clean up and I was feeling overwhelmed just looking at it.

Well, with the house being moved, we had to redo the septic line. It was sitting above the ground because we could not dig until the double wide was moved. So Joseph came after work to do this and once again I was out there as I was 8 years earlier helping to dig the trench to lay the line in and covering it up as well. We didn’t finish until well after 10:30 last night. Needless to say my body is sore and I’m tired, plus I think I am coming down with what my son has; yes he is still sick and yet he was out there in the cold insisting that he help his mama as much as he possibly could.

Is the Saga with the house over? Hmmmmmmm, almost. I’ll keep you posted.

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