NEW PRESIDENT-My daughters Essay

The day after the swearing in of our 44th president, I told my children to write a 2-3 page essay about what Obama's presidency means to them. Below is my oldest daughters essay. I am proud that she has been able to express herself so clearly.


January 20, 2009 marked a day in history for our nation and my generations first black president.

I personally did not want Obama as president. The reason for this is because of the things he stands for. I do not agree with the terms and what he stands for and upholds. I do not believe that our economy is the way it is because of one man, but began with the pin of individual greed and was accelerated by 9/11.
Obama's presidency to me, means that our economy will continue to fail and that most of everything he said will not happen.
In his inaugural speech he said that he was going to stop the killing of the innocent, referring to the innocent lives of those in war, but a few months ago during his campaign he said that he would pass more laws concerning abortions and the use of tax payers money to fund abortions around the globe. However, this is the killing of the innocent...the killing of human beings, babies. If he had said he agreed with people having babies and then giving them to a family member, friend, or just up for adoption I would have personally agreed to that.
I personally believe his presidency will bring a lot of trouble to the USA.
Most people didn't vote for him because of what he stood for, but because of the color of his skin. So in all of the Martin Luther King Jr.'s dream really didn't happen. I mean sure we have a black president and he is promising change right now, but the real reason people voted for him is because he is black and he made history. The reality of Kings dream was that ALL people would be treated equally, not based on the color of their skin, but on the content of one's character.
If I could have voted, honestly it would have been for McCain, simply because McCain was for most of the things I agree with and for one thing he didn't care how people looked at him on the outside. With Obama he knew people would look at the color of his skin and if he promised change long and hard enough that would be another way to gain votes.
I am proud that history was made, but I don't and will not agree with what Obama stands for.

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