Soon to be new member of the family

These are Great Pyrenees. We will be getting one of them...a boy. His name is White Knight. Adrian picked the name because this dog will be guarding our flock of turkeys, hens, and turkens, as well as our sheep and goats.
We are all excited about this soon to be new member...he'll be ready to come home 6 weeks from this Sat. Then we've got to train him. The guy we're buying him from will start the training. White Knight will sleep out with the sheep, goats, and flock, because this will be who or should I say what he is protecting.
They sleep most of the day so they can guard at night. He can/will also protect the children if need be. Not only have I read it, but the breeder has seen it. He says they will fight to the death to protect the ones they love.

Meet White Knight...well, I don't know which one he is in the bunch, but I picked him out last Sat. LOL

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