I FINALLY got my birthday/Christmas gift from '08

May as well say Valentines 2009 too...HA HA

I've been waiting patiently to get the 2 things I really wanted. When you are a single parent, you really don't have anyone that can get you those high ticket priced items. So I have to wait patiently (not always- sometimes I'm whining, pouting, kicking, screaming, and crying) for some of my wants. For the most part, it's no big deal, as long as my children have what they need (and I even get some of their wants sometimes) then all is well.

I've wanted to get into a bit of photography and scrap-booking for some time. Well, the camera I HAD, was very cheap and it died on me maybe a year after I got it & with working as I do, I've not found the time to get into scrap-booking as I'd wanted to. Then I heard about digital scrap-booking from a friend and I was hooked (yep without ever giving it a try). The ease of being able to take pictures and download them onto your computer and then play around with scrap-book templates and even journal, seemed so easy and not so time consuming. Then if you have a laptop, it is portable, you just pick up and go and you can scrap-book where ever you are. Hmmmmm, seemed so far out of my reach.

I not only got my camera, I also got my laptop.
The camera I chose is not a top quality camera, but will introduce me to the basics of photography and allow me to get started with digital scrap-booking. As for the laptop, I got the BEST. I got a Macbook!!! Yeah, it was pricey, but it is so worth it. I didn't want to scrimp on that since I will have it for some time to come. Besides, they are the top of the line and I've been hooked on them since my brother introduced me to his Mac desktop years ago. (He'd be proud of my choice if he were alive);-)

Soooooooo, give me a few days to learn how to maneuver them and play around with them and I'll show you what I come up with. THIS IS GONNA BE SO MUCH FUN!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Anonymous said...

I'm so stinkin' jealous of your Macbook!!! But, I'm so excited for you!!!! You are going to love digi scrapping girl!!!! I'm only working on my pages on the weekends, now, because I just got so out of balance. Plus, I'm trying to get more into my photography. Trying to balance 2 hobbies is difficult for me, but I have to do it! LOL So excited for you! Can't wait for you to come play!!


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