I was reading a devotional yesterday and it was talking about prayer and the way we should get in the habit of praying for His kingdom first, Others second, and Ourselves last. That sounded really cool to me. That would transform my prayer time totally...I tend to get stuck on the me part and do a quick prayer of thanks and praying for others.
Well, as I sat here, I thought that sounds a lot like the acronym Jesus first, Others next, Yourself last.
So, I gave it a try yesterday and instead of just my verbal prayers, I also wrote prayers out. My prayer time went from a scant 5-10 min. to an entire 45-60 min. Not that I pray for the length of time, but I was just amazed at how much I had to really pray about.
I'm really terrible at keeping prayer journals soooooooooo, I've thought of this as well. Taking a simple notebook and each day, put the date at the top. Divide the paper into 3 sections...J O Y. Throughout the day you hear something in the news about something going on in the world...I put that under the J heading. (ex. government bailouts/homosexual agenda across the world)
People I regularly pray for and those new requests I get from people, I place under the O heading. (ex. children - relationship with Christ, education)
And then mine under the heading Y (which incidentally has become much shorter as I tend to take my focus off of me and turn it towards Christ and others...my prayer requests pail in comparison with importance or need).

If you give this a try, tell me what you think about it!!!


Love Abounds At Home said...

I need to practice J-O-Y :)

Andrea said...

What an awesome idea! Thank you for sharing.

And thank you for your testimony - your walk with the Lord. Isn't He wonderful?

God bless you and keep you.

In Him,


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