My Mother's Favorite Hobby...pay no attention to the music, not my choice

When we lived in apartments, I had pots of various plants. I was always growing something, be it indoors or out. Then when we moved out to the country I gave up flowers for growing food. If we could not eat it, I wasn’t interested in growing it. Then my mom moved next door and she had the space to grow all her favorites, all of which I’m sure I’ll inherit someday (none of my siblings really care for the country life).
Well, with spring in full swing, all her flowers are in bloom and looking beautiful and smelling fragrant. Even the bumble bees and humming birds pay her flowers a visit daily. I think we were able to capture the bee, but not the humming bird.

As I was taking pictures, my daughter was asking me why I was taking pictures of flowers.
I was glad she asked. It was yet another opportunity to share about our Lord & Savior.
I do enjoy being able to see His majesty in His creation. To feel the wind blowing upon my face and see the vibrant colors in the flowers. God, in His infinite wisdom paints a picture of His glory in His creations day by day, and all we have to do is look around and see how awesome and wonderful He is. When we look at the trees in the fields, no man put them there, no man would have been able to fathom such a creation. But to look out at the vastness of this portrait...you can’t help but wonder what Eden must have looked like.
Enjoy and be blessed!

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Christine said...

Amen to that!!!! No one in their right mind can deny that we have a Creator - His creation is everywhere. And like Drake said yesterday, to think that atoms bumping together made all of this takes so much more faith (and ignorance - LOL)!

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