Our First Egg!!!

FINALLY, we have our first egg.

We started out with about 15 hens and 1 rooster. For various reasons (even some I don’t fully know and understand) 12 of them died. Frustration set in and not just over their deaths, but the fact that I spent so much money on them.
Then someone came over and looked at my hens and swore to me the three I had left were roosters. Serious frustration set in!!! I didn’t need roosters without hens, and I most definitely didn’t need 3 roosters! Another lady (the one that gave me the first rooster, looked at the chickens and assured me they were most definitely hens. HUGE SIGH of relief.

But my greatest dilemma was that they were supposedly older than what they really were and if that were the case, they were late in laying eggs. I was told to just give them a little more time (patience...are you serious?)
Well, we continued to feed them and wait.
Yesterday morning I sat out on the porch and just watched them go about their business. We let the 2nd rooster that was given to us, after the 1st one escaped, free to roam with the hens. He immediately let the ladies know that HE was now running the roost. It wasn’t long before he went about taking care of business either. To my surprise the ladies knew exactly what to do.
We headed to church this morning and upon returning, I noticed this white object in the hen house. At first I thought it was the duck egg my son found at the park, insisting the hens would set on it and hatch it. Needless to say, they didn’t. But I digress...
Suddenly I realized that was NOT the duck egg, but a much smaller egg!!!!
WOO HOO my lady’s, well one of them anyway, laid an egg.

The egg is relatively small, but that is typical of the first few eggs they lay. They will gradually get larger. This one is from one of the white hens (Leghorn), they lay white eggs. The golden colored hen is a Buff Orpington and will lay brown eggs. At any rate, we will soon have more eggs and I won’t need to buy them from the store. There’s nothing like free ranged eggs.

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