Drum Roll Please.................

Meet White Knight (actually looks more like Beethoven) & his brother Kingdom!
Yeah we ended up with two pups that are going to end up being these HUGE dogs,
lovable, but huge.

White Knight

We ended up with two because I will have them both watching and protecting their own flock. WK will be with the chickens, guineas, and turkeys. K will be with the sheep & goats. We are all excited about the newest additions to our family.

Kingdom (Ari named him. My mom has one too, his name is Baron. Notice a theme?)

Kinda makes me think of when I was a little girl. Every time I asked for a little brother or sister, my mom took me to look for a puppy!!! Now here I am near 40 and not able to have more children at this time and I keep bringing home puppies!!!

See what you started mom! LOL

I'm sure there will be more pics to follow as Ari is charging her batteries. I'm going to need to invest in stock with the battery companies! ;-)

Another addition (sorry no pics) is another hen, for a total of 4 now. The neighbor that gave us the first rooster, gave us the hen yesterday. She also has 3-4 more hens for me and I should be getting those next weekend. EXCITING.
We are now getting 2 eggs a day and the newest hen after overcoming the trauma of being moved is also laying so that will be 3 eggs a day. Can't wait to surpass what we used to get a dozen a day!

We also put guinea eggs in the incubator (thanks Vicki for letting me borrow it). She'll have some chicken eggs for me to put in there as well, next week. I'm going to do as many as I can cause these ladies and gentlemen are not just for egg consumption, but also meat.

Speaking of meat, check out the next post! HA HA


Monica said...

Those are really cute puppy pics!! :D

Love Abounds At Home said...

So CUTE!!!!!

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