White Knight

Some of you may recall that back in February I had posted pictures of the soon to be new member of our family. Well, I was supposed to pick him up in March, but was in the hospital and pretty out of it, so the guy didn't hear from me and figured I changed my mind. Well, I hadn't and was disappointed to find out he had sold him! :-(
I just asked him to call me when the next litter would be ready (towards the end of the summer).
Well, a friend sent an email asking if anyone was interested in a puppy or puppies. I wasn't until I read the next line. They are Pyreneese pups and FREE!!!!
I immediately called and asked her to hold one for me. We go pick him up tomorrow.
We are all so excited! I went and picked out his leash and bowls last night. He'll stay with the chickens so we'll be looking for a dog house this weekend as well.

I'll take pics and post them when we get him home tomorrow.


Love Abounds At Home said...

I can't wait to see pics :)
Do you have a name yet?

Anonymous said...

How exciting!!!!! Can't wait to see pics!!!


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