The enemy goes about like a lion...

Have you ever watched National Geographic? We love watching those types of things at our house. One of my daughters is thrilled to learn all she can about animals and can sit and watch the Animal Planet Channel for hours at my mothers home.
So have you ever seen how a lion prowls and waits for his prey? He is so quiet that for the most part the unsuspecting victim has no clue he's even near until it is too late!
Well, as I listen to the news, I realize that is exactly why God described the enemy as a lion in His Word. You don't know he is upon you until it is too late.

The enemy is seeking to devour us all in great subtle ways. I bet you will have never even seen it coming.


Persuaded said...

the enemy is such a sneaky fellow... we can never be aware of all that he is doing and all of the ways he's planning for our destruction. thankfully we do have One who is much mightier than he ever could be. our Defender is strong, and we have no need of fear♥

may the Lord bless you specially today, my dear☺

Love Abounds At Home said...

He is so sneaky isn't he?! Just like the lion doesn't jump right out and attack you. He watches you and attacks at the right time.
I tell the enemy that I'm watching him & I'm ready to take him out because I'm on guard!

Momofsix said...

often times we do not even know we are being attacked till it is over- and we are lying in waste- bewildered,confused and hurt!

May we use the weapons of the Word- to ward off each attack facing him head on- even if he comes from behind.

Love and miss you dearly

Persuaded said...

Missing your posts!! Hope you are well♥

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