Its SLAUGHTER Time!!!!

Not for my birds (yet), but a friends. I'm finally going to learn how to do it (weather permitting) this weekend. She has about 28 hens/roosters that need to be processed and she's going to allow me and the kidlets (well, minus Ari) to help and learn.
As mentioned in a previous post, we have guinea eggs in her incubator now and next week I'll add as many chicken eggs as she can give me to that bunch. I'm trying to build up my flock so that I too can process them and add them to the freezer.
Well, that means between now and fall I've got to get a new freezer because that chest freezer I have is entirely too small for the chicken and lamb we'll be butchering at that time.
YUMMY, home grown meat for our consumption without any chemicals! HOORAY!!! I can't wait.
We'll take lots of pictures...ok, well Ari will. She'll be in charge of the little children and the camera! HA HA


Love Abounds At Home said...

You're a brave woman! I can't wait to see pictures :)

MOMSWEB said...

I can't wait to see the pictures either. Oh my goodness!

Miss Ariante said...

LOL. I would rather watch the little ones and take pics then do everything else. Sorry Mom, I just can't do it.


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