This is in my mom's yard...see all the flowers (not edible, that's how you know it's not mine! LOL)
She's had this bird bath for years and I never noticed the painting IN the bird bath. I'm not sure if she did it or bought it like that (I'll find out). I just thought it was so beautiful to look upon. I thoroughly enjoy sitting on her porch watching the birds dip in water for a quick refreshing bath, washing the dust off. Just as the water cleanses the bird after he has dipped several times, so too does the blood of Jesus, washing us and making us as white as snow, so that when the Father looks at us He doesn't see our filthiness, but sees us as new creatures...without spot or blemish.
How quickly we stain ourselves with sin and have to ask for forgiveness and cleansing yet again. But I'm so grateful that He doesn't give up on us and allows us to come back into the folds of His arms and making all things new within!

I love that Jesus is my Savior! If you don't know Him, He longs to be yours too!

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Love Abounds At Home said...

Yes Jesus does long to be Savior.
Looking at the birdbath seems peaceful.


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