Father's Day

My baby boy left to go on his first ever Boy Scout Camping Trip!!!! He
was excited and nervous all at the same time. We had many, many talks
concerning safety. Many nights of prayers. I've been praying ever
since he got on that bus, pleading the blood of Jesus over him and
trusting God to care for him. I can't wait for him to get back and tell
me how it went. None of my children can swim, heck their mama can't
even swim, so that was one of the things the Scout Leader said they
would most definitely be working on this week. There are so many badges
he can get, but must know how to swim in order to get them.

I'll post an update once he gets home!!! Until then, keep him in your
prayers if you feel led to.

1 comment:

Persuaded said...

I will indeed be praying for your little man... mine is going on an overnight camp out in the troop leader's yard tomorrow night, then away for 2 nights next month. it's a little scary letting them go isn't it? *trust, girl, trust!* (that's what I'm telling myself anyway;)


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