C H R I S T M A S!!!

Can you believe that Christmas is right around the corner, yet again?
I know it's only June and I'm thinking about Christmas. I've actually
been doing a lot of praying and seeing Christmas a little different. I
knew God was up to something, but wasn't sure what. This past Christmas
was different for us in so many ways. Well, now God is challenging me
to make it different on so many other levels as well.

Tell me what you think.

On Dec. 25th we will NOT have Christmas as it has been traditionally
done in AMERICA for years. We will not exchange gifts in my home on
that day, but will make a cake for Jesus to celebrate Him. I know there
are many arguments as to whether Dec. 25th was the actual date of His
Birth, but the point to me is that He was born for each of us, matters
not on WHAT day!!!!!
There I go digressing again...SORRY-
So we will have cake and a special breakfast and dinner that day. We
will be doing some visiting, but just not sure where. I don't know if
we will be going to nursing homes or what, but God is up to something.

I'm trying to think of budget friendly, quick, simple, hand-made gifts
we can begin making now to share with others if God does indeed lead us
to the nursing homes. So if you have any idea of something we (my
children & I) can begin doing now, please share.
Then I'm getting several months in my head, Jan., Feb., & March for us
to put up our tree and do our gift exchanges. I know each child will
get 3 gifts each from me, plus with each sibling getting each other
gifts, they will have 5 total. I'm not sure if we will do a family gift
or what. They will each get a gift they can use, one they really want,
and one pertaining to their relationship with God. I'm thinking of
ng a spending limit on the gifts they can exchange with each
other...would $10 be too low? I don't know right now, but we'll see.

What I do know is that God is breaking us out of the tradition and norm
of what EVERYONE ELSE is doing.

So with that, what special hand-made gifts can we exchange with
grandmothers, aunts, and cousins? Any ideas, please do share.


Persuaded said...

Honestly.. do you know what I would like to do? Just do away with the Christmas gifts altogether. That probably sounds terrible and shocking, but I hate how the gifts just overwhelm everything else about the season. (you can call me Scrooge-ette if you want;))

And you know I saw a cool tutorial for making tote bags out of dishtowels the other day.. here let me look it up for you..here ya go!

This is simple enough to where you could probably do it even without a sewing machine, if you wanted.
Be blessed dear♥

Persuaded said...

Tasha... I was going to email you, but couldn't find your addy listed anywhere. Just wanted to let you know how much I appreciated your sweet comment today- us gals in this situation need to stick together, hon♥ Hoping you have a wonderfully blessed day, and feel free to email me *any* time!


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