A question from my sister...

My youngest sister has gotten engaged. She's reading everything Biblical to prepare her as best as possible to be a godly wife. However, she asked one question.

How often should the wife cook for her husband? And should he ever cook for her?

I would love your input so I can print it and share it with her.

Thanks in advance


Love Abounds At Home said...

That's a very good question. I can count on one hand how many times my husband has cooked since we've been married. I do all the cooking because I'm here all the time. I know some husbands who are very good cooks. Some cook even better than their wives. So it depends on the couple.
I love to see my husband eat the food that I've prepared for him. It makes me blush when he grunts as he eats my cooking.
Tell your sister it's something she should def discuss with her fiance beforehand.
BTW.....My husband did cook chili cheese dogs last night :)

Love Abounds At Home said...

Oh and tell her congratulations on her engagement :)

Momofsix said...

I guess I would ask first is- does she plan on being the Keeper of the Home Only- or hold a job and try to manage the home?

Because if she plans or they plan on her doing both then I think if she is helping to provide then the duties are to be equally shared. It is hard to "expect" a women to maintain the home, and a job at the same time. Even superwomen can not manage it all- they get tired, and tired of doing it all.

If she is going to be a stay at home mom, then I would say she will be home all day- so she should cook for Him.
I also have been blessed by husband to have him cook for me. (very few times) Those times are always a blessing and a treat!


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Angie said...

my friend
you have so much in your heart to share to keep all bottle up your doing us an injustice...
Because I know how lovely you are I am giving you a blog award- I hope it will inspire you to share more of the wonderful things the Lord is doing in your life.

Your sister in Christ

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