Family Camp 2009

Well, we didn't actually attend the full 7 days but did get to go for the day. It was amazingly fun. The message spoken was phenomonal & the activities we got to participate in were really fun.
We met two exceptional families, the Duggars & the Bates. Talking with each family & spending the day with them was great fun also. I do hope to be able to glean more from them regarding their walk with Christ. We didn't get to visit with Michelle Duggar long as she soon flew out to be with son & daughter-in-law for the birth of their first child.
We also met up with some friends that live in & around where we live...that was nice as well.
We hope to attend for the full week next year as part of our family vacation...which the area is only an hour away from our home! I'm also hoping our dear friends in Houston will be able to join us for that week or at least a few days of that week. I think they would enjoy it as well.

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