Thankful Thursday

This week I am most thankful for my children.  No matter what our circumstances are, they hang in there right along with me.  They've been through some hardships and though they have expressed their dislike for things they've had to deal with, they have not grumbled or complained about it one bit. 
Though our home is not the best and there are still many things we need to do to get it to a decent living standard, they are most thankful to have a roof over our heads.  They don't complain when money is tight and we are having to stretch meals with LOTS of beans or they have to forgo some of the "necessities" of life.  For the most part, you find them with cheerful hearts and smiles that light up a room.

Thank you sweet Jesus for blessings beyond this world.  I've always thanked You for allowing me to be their mother, but in all honesty, thank You for allowing them to be my children and to daily show me who You are
through them.

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