My Momma!

My mother was told she was going to be released on Monday.  We were all a bit confused as they had said they were going to do surgery.
As of Saturday, the doctors felt they would be able to keep things under control with medication and monitor her for 2 months.
We came here to visit last night.  She seemed short of breath and her blood pressure was low.  After we left  she fell and her oxygen level dropped drastically.  They moved her back to ICU but did not call to tell us.  I got a call around 10:30ish this morning saying they were heading in for emergency open heart surgery.
We are in the waiting room and they called at 1 to say that all is set up and they are beginning.  This is a 3 hour surgery.

Please continue to pray!!!!!

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Persuaded said...

Praying.. both for her and for you. It must be so hard ((hugs))


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