Prayers are Appreciated

On Oct. 8, my mother celebrated her 67th birthday.  Today I sit with her in ICU.
She began complaining of chest pains at 3 AM Wed.  We rushed her to the hospital where they ran a few tests and at first they were going to send her home to follow up with her primary physician.  When we resigned ourselves to that, the doctor returned and said no we want to do one more test.  After that test, they began saying they would be transferring her to a larger hospital in Dallas.

She went from a regular room to ICU for precautions.  We are now waiting for them to take her for a catheter procedure where they may add stints if necessary and then after that, they will determine if she will need open heart surgery.

We appreciate your prayers.  We don't know the future, but we do know who holds it.  In that we find peace and comfort.

She has said that she is not afraid to die, she KNOWS she'll see her Savior.  She just doesn't want to suffer and be in great pain.  Of course we don't know His timing, but we are praying for more time.  All things are in His hands.

I'll keep you posted!!!!  We serve an awesome, loving God and He is MORE than able!!!!!

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Persuaded said...

Sorry I didn't see this until today, dear. I will definitely be praying for your mama... please be sure to update us as you are able♥


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